How does employee motivation reduce product damage? Psychology 101.

Aug 9, 2012

Workers who know they are being observed and rewarded for it are more productive than those who are not. Productivity experts learned this in the 1920s and 1930s, naming the principle after the company they were studying – Western Electric Company’s, Hawthorne Works. The Hawthorne Effect is still valid today. In industrial psychology circles, it is well known that organizations that do not pay sufficient attention to ‘people’ and ‘cultural’ variables are consistently less successful than those that do.

In the supply chain, monitoring is an effective method to document mishandling that damages shipments. Knowing when mishandling has occurred creates a culture of accountability through the supply chain.

By affixing impact indicators to packages, workers – like those at Hawthorne Works who were actually watched – know they can be held accountable for damage.

Make the Hawthorne Effect work for you. ShockWatch can not only provide a complete portfolio of cost-effective monitoring solutions, but can help your organization set up a program for motivating employees and carriers to be more productive.