SpotBot 4G Plus Features

  • Monitor location, impact, temperature and humidity
  • 4G LTE-M and connectivity
  • Access to information through a secure, dedicated web portal
  • Accurate reporting of unacceptable conditions
  • Custom, timely alerts of changing conditions of your shipment


SpotBot 4G Plus: Impact, Temperature, Humidity and Location Monitor

Reduce Damage and Optimize Your Supply Chain with GPS, Cellular and WiFi Connectivity

Supply chain transparency is critical in running an effective operation. Track impact, temperature, humidity, and location with the latest generation of our SpotBot® 4G Plus.

The SpotBot® 4G Plus is the ideal solution for connecting you to your supply chain. Delivering tri-axial impact, temperature, and humidity monitoring along with location tracking, the SpotBot connects you to your assets via the SpotSee Cloud. Login to see the status of your shipment and receive alerts throughout its journey.

Created for use in the life sciences, automotive, electronics, power generation and aerospace industries, the SpotBot 4G Plus provides extensive insights into the condition of a product or shipment through the supply chain. Detailed location, impact, temperature, and humidity data are delivered to the SpotSee Cloud via the 4G LTE-M cellular network or through known Wi-Fi connections. The device combines GPS technology with proximity sensing of Wi-Fi signals and cellular towers to track the location of shipments and the conditions they experience in transit.

World Class Monitoring

Companies around the world depend on SpotSee for impact monitoring solutions. The SpotBot 4G Plus measures impacts between 3.5 and 100G, meaning that it can be used to monitor a broad spectrum of assets from medical devices to automotive parts to power generation equipment. Additionally, the accuracy of the SpotBot’s temperature and humidity sensors is ideal for monitoring sensitive biotech, pharmaceutical, or diagnostics products.

Long Battery Life

SpotBot 4G Plus employs three different approaches to provide the most accurate location reporting available at any given time. The device will utilize GPS or proximity to WiFi signals or cellular towers to deliver location information. The SpotBot also has geofencing capabilities, so that users are notified when an asset reaches its destination.

Global Communication Capabilities

The SpotBot 4G Plus communicates via the 4G LTE-M cellular network. This network provides better power efficiency and signal range than 4G LTE, making it an ideal solution to monitor assets moving around the globe. In addition, the SpotBot can be configured to recognize and communicate via known WiFi networks.

Easy to Use

The SpotBot 4G Plus unit and trip settings are configured via a simple web application. Information from each trip is stored in the secure SpotSee Cloud and can be easily downloaded to provide the time, location, and severity of excursions experienced during transit.

Alarm Messages

Immediate Notification

Communication Technology

4G LTE-M, WiFi


GPS, Nearest Cell Tower, Nearest WiFi


5in x 1.5in x 1.8in


6.7 oz

Mounting Options

Screw Mount / Adhesive / Magnetic Feet (Optional)

Battery Type

Lithium Battery Pack

Battery Life

1 hour/1 year
2 hours/2 years
4 hours/3.5 years
8 hours/5 years
12 hours/6 years
24 hours/7 years

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