• Simultaneous monitoring of multiple crucial parameters
  • Up to two years battery lifetime
  • Cost-effective, simple, and robust
  • Free and user-friendly mobile application


SpotBot BLE Supply Chain Impact Monitor

Supply Chain Monitoring to Ensure Accountability and Enable Optimization

Imagine shipping a carton of framed mirrors from Southeast Asia to New York. It leaves hot, humid Hanoi on a freighter. Sailing north across the Pacific, the air cools and condenses inside the crate, effectively raining, possibly ruining the frames and even the backing. 

Then it reaches a West Coast port where a crane may remove it from the cargo hold, and a fork lift takes it to a truck or train to move it cross-country. Maybe the operator is gentle. Maybe not. If the mirrors shift in their carton, they may be at dangerous angles that make them more likely to break, especially if they are shocked by impacts such as other shifting cargo or even potholes.

As the mirrors make their way inland, every mile is filled with mechanical vibrations from the truck and road, or the engine and rails. Will they arrive intact and, if not, who is responsible?

These dangers are not relegated only to mirrors. Any cargo that is susceptible to humidity, tilt, impact, and temperature fluctuations is at risk. That includes furniture as well as specialty medical devices and electronics, and even heavy equipment like transformers and wind turbines.

The SpotBot BLE, in partnership with Bosch, makes the supply chain transparent. Once attached to the shipment, the SpotBot BLE measures and records temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, with the data visualized through a mobile application.

The limits of each parameter can be individually configured, and any violation is traceable and clearly assignable throughout the entire supply chain.

The SpotBot BLE gives the initiator of a delivery peace of mind and supply chain transparency. In the event that a parameter threshold is exceeded, the SpotBot BLE provides verifiable proof and a reliable indication for possible primary and secondary damage.

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The SpotBot BLE supply chain and impact monitor can pinpoint responsibility for damage and provide a detailed report — visualized in the SpotBot BLE app — so shippers can know exactly what went wrong, where it occurred, and when it happened.

The data enables you to hold shipping partners accountable and make strategic decisions to optimize your logistics operations. 

The SpotBot BLE provides an added value for every logistical effort. It creates trust between partners and provides important data for the optimization of logistics processes. If there is no parameter violation, the SpotBot BLE is the evidence of a failure-free transport chain.

More Than an Impact Monitor — A Device for Meaningful Supply Chain Insights

By tracking humidity, tilt, temperature, vibration, and impact, you gain deep insights into your supply chain. You can track and identify damage by carrier, lane, route, time of year and other parameters and, therefore, have the insights you need to prevent future damage. 

Importantly, you have hard data to support your decisions when you present changes – like a need for new packaging or the decision to change carriers – to your organization.

Spotbot BLE is one of SpotSee’s most comprehensive supply chain monitoring solutions. With up to two years’ battery life, it continues reporting throughout even the longest transit and through storage in a warehouse. It’s accurate to within one degree between 0°C/32°F and 60° C/140°F), and within two degrees at either end of that range, all the way up to 80°C/176° and down to -25°C/-13°F.

When you need detailed, accurate supply chain monitoring for multiple conditions simultaneously, consider SpotBot BLE tailor-made for you. 

Contact SpotSee to learn how impact monitoring can enhance your insights into your supply chain.

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SpotBot BLE App



  • Inside Transformers for Humidity
  • Medium transformers
  • Turbines
  • Windows & glass doors
  • Automotive parts
  • Small transformers
  • Computer & server equipment
  • Oil supplies
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Medical equipment
  • Semiconductors
  • Construction equipment
  • Electronics
  • Furniture

Operating Temperature Range

-13°F to +176°F

Temperature Accuracy

±1°F (32°F to 140°F) / ±2°F (-13°F to 32°F) / ±2°F (140°F to 176°F)

Storage Temperature Range

32°F to +104°F

Humidity Range

0% rH to 100% rH (non condensing)

Humidity Accuracy

±5% rH typical ±10% rH maximum (20% rH to 80% rH at 77°F)

Shock / Acceleration Range

±8g per axis
±13.8g modulus
(Reports modulus only)

Shock / Acceleration Accuracy


Battery Lifetime

2 Years (10 min. measuring cycle, +77°F)

Enclosure Protection Class

IP 54

Measuring Interval

1 min … 4 hours (selectable)

Memory Capacity

2 Years (15 min. measuring cycle, typical usage)


CE, FCC, ISED, SRRC, MIC, SIRIM, IMDA, ACMA, NTC, NBTC | further on request

Dimensions (L x W x H)

4 in x 3.5 in x 1 in


3.5 oz


Supported on Apple & Android 8 and 9

Technical Support

Below you will find technical support videos to help you get started once you have purchased our products and services.

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SpotBot BLE Configuration and Use


Companion Label

A companion label provides a visual warning that the package is being monitored and has instructions on what to do should mishandling occur.

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