Monitor Equipment Vibrations To Head Off Repairs And Avoid Downtime

Early Alerts Save Time and Money

Proactively protect your critical equipment with OpsWatch real-time vibration monitoring. The stand-alone Wi-Fi device runs on your existing network and instantly alerts you to changes in low-frequency vibrations while constantly streaming condition data. Save your business time and money by predicting repairs before they’re a problem with an expertly guided approach to vibration monitoring.

The Most Comprehensive Solution at the Lowest Price

SpotSee’s easy-to-use OpsWatch features the highest gateway transit power on the market, measures the lowest frequencies, and boasts the widest temperature and velocity range — all at the lowest price. That means early, remote detection of wear, damage, and more that helps you avoid those costly breakdowns that burn up time and money in lost productivity and repairs.



Receive alerts when your machine needs maintenance, weeks before failure, with our simple vibration monitoring system.



The impact recorder with the lowest noise floor on the market lets you monitor assets weighing up to 250 tons.


Try OpsWatch, Customized For Your Business
Start monitoring your essential equipment to stop downtime and start saving. Talk to an expert for a consultation on pricing and applications, or request a free trial today. We’ll get in touch with tailored recommendations for your business.