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  • Allows customer to know when it is fully saturated
  • Easy to use
  • Mass production application
  • Machine applicable
  • Flexible in size and substrate
  • Available in reversible and non-reversible
  • Multiple color options available


For saliva diagnostic kits to be accurate, those administrating the test must have an ample amount of saliva to test. Drug testing facilities can use saliva tests for COVID-19, drugs, alcohol, DNA and certain hormones. However, to have an accurate test, these kits must have enough saliva to test.

The SpotSee Saliva Indicator is an adhesive label, typically in dot form, that changes color once the necessary quantity of saliva is absorbed. Adding this indicator to a saliva test reduces the chances of inadequate sample quantities, which reduces the chances of a false negative, and ultimately prevents viruses from spreading.

Using the saliva indicator test is simple. Saliva kit manufacturers can add this feature to their kits by applying the indicator, a small, color changing dot, to the material inside the dispensing unit.

SpotSee also has the ability to design the saliva indicator dots in any shape or color combination, upon request.


  • Highway Patrol Departments
  • Clinics
  • Health Departments
  • Covid-19 tests
  • Drug Tests
  • Hormone Tests
  • Alcohol Tests
  • DNA Tests

Size / Dimensions

Custom-built to each individual’s preference

Shelf Life

2 years

Color Change

Customizable to customer

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