Hydrochromic Ink

Thermostar Hydrochromic Ink is available as Irreversible or Reversible. There are two types of Irreversible Hydrochromic Ink. The first changes from a color to clear (or white, if printed onto white substrate) when exposed to water and remains so when dry again. The second dissolves and washes off the surface, revealing a message below. The Reversible Ink is white in appearance but becomes translucent when exposed to water and reverts to a white state when dry.
These inks can be featured in a variety of applications revealing that a product has been exposed to water. For example, high-end promotional items, game cards, labels, and packaging.



  • Irreversible: Blue and Black
  • Reversible: White
  • Water Based Wet & Reveal – Reversible
  • Solvent Based Wet & Reveal – Reversible
  • Wash & Win – Irreversible
  • Solvent Based Flexo

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