• Individual strip with 5 temperature events
  • Eight (8) temperature sets
  • Permanent color change from silver to black
  • Attaches to the product in process
  • Use in dry applications
  • Permanent visible record



Temperature Tape for Drying and Curing

What they are:
Thermostrip™ DC is a highly accurate heat indicator designed for use within a drying, curing, laminating or bonding process. The individual strip has 5 temperature events that when exposed to heat will permanently change color from silver to black Indicating attained temperature. The labels can be removed for reference and attached to an inspection report to serve as a permanent record.

How they work:
Thermostrip DC is chemical indicator (CI) that identifies irreversible temperature. These one-time use products undergo a phase change when they reach their rated temperature. This involves a sharply defined melting point that triggers an interaction between a chemical compound and a substrate to produce a permanent color change. CI’s are primarily used for temperature monitoring, providing evidence of attained temperature. Supplied as an adhesive strip or label they indicate whether temperature falls below or exceeds a rated temperature.

Textile Strips

Textile strips are a range of temperature test strips specifically developed for the Textile industry that records the highest bracketed temperature reached by the label, permanently.

These highly accurate heat indicators are designed for use within the textile bonding process. The individual temperature settings will permanently change color to indicate the temperature achieved.

Perfect for temperature testing when using a fusing machine, confirming the temperature at the bonding site, and ensuring that garments finished or pressed when exposed to temperature do not overheat.

Temperature Tape Applications

  • Heat Indicator for Curing, Lamination and Web Processes
  • Temperature Testing During Fusing at the Bonding Site
  • Temperature Evidence During Screen Printing & Textile Processing
  • UV Ink Temperature Reaction Analysis and Curing


99°F to 500°F


Set 1 & 2 Tolerance: ±2°F
Set 3 & 4 Tolerance: ±3°F
Set 5 to 8 Tolerance: ±7°F


.4 in to 2.2 in


Self-adhesive label


16 labels per pack

Temperature Range

219°F-253°F, 249°F-320°F, 261°F-340°F, 270°F-360°F
3.27" x 0.24"
Pack Size
Sold in packs of 50
Color Change
Light gray to black

Product Chart

P9016-16137º 40º 44º 49º 54º
P9017-16260º 65º 71º 77º 82º
P9018-16388º 93º 99º 104º 110º
P9019-164116º 121º 127º 132º 138º
P9020-165143º 149º 154º 160º 166º
P9021-166171º 177º 182º 188º 193º
P9022-167199º 204º 210º 216º 224º
P9023-168232º 241º 249º 254º 260º

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