For over 40 years, ShockWatch® has led the way in transportation monitoring and impact detection. Our ShockLog impact recorders have become the industry standard to identify and analyze mishandling by measuring impact, vibration, tilt/roll,temperature, and humidity during transit, storage, or operation.


• Proven technology, patented solution
• Extended battery life – up to 18 months
• Large dynamic range both in acceleration (g) and velocity (m/s)
• High resolution of 0.1%
• Built in Tilt & Roll option
• Built in Temperature/ Humidity option
• Built in RF and GPS option
• External tracking options

Trade-In Promotion:

Until September 15, 2016 ShockWatch will provide a 10% discount on the purchase of a new device (SL248, SL298, ShockTrak, or OpsWatch) with the return of obsolete (RD298 or RD317) impact recorders. You may also qualify for the discount by submitting similar impact recording products from ShockWatch (SL208, SL248, SL298) or competitive companies in order to upgrade your equipment.

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