SpotSee, the parent to brands such as ShockWatch, ShockLog,

SpotBot, OpsWatch, and WarmMark has a global network of over 200

sales and technical service partners in 62 countries.

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Who we are

Nearly 50 years ago, SpotSee turned a simple idea into a global resource. The company’s first proprietary indicators and condition-based monitoring devices were used to detect mishandling of sensitive computer media in transit. We found this simple concept so effective that the product was leveraged into new markets and additional technology was developed for many other applications.

SpotSee evolved with each new innovation. Our expert resources help customers around the globe find the right solutions to deter mishandling and reduce costs.

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Tony Fonk

Robert Hutson

Jan van Niekerk

Angela Kerr

Tyson Stuelpe

Stephen Miller

Greg Treanor

Gabriel Jurado

Toby Armstrong

Our History

Founded: 1974
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Manufacturing: United Kingdom, United States, Mexico
Employees: 251
Solutions: Shipping indicators, color change visual temperature indicators, & recorders covering major environmental conditions: impact, tilt, temperature, vibration, humidity, & pressure

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