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Welcome to SpotSee

Global leader in condition indicators and monitoring solutions

SpotSee monitors and  indicators are designed to spot changes in environmental condition, so you can identify damage throughout the supply chain. Even the smallest changes in temperature, shock, tilt, location, humidity, and light sensitivity can make a big difference in shipping valuable products. By tracking these small details, we help our customers ensure that whatever is being transported – from life-saving medicine and therapeutics to sensitive cargo – arrives safely and in the best possible condition.

SpotSee’s products are widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics food and beverage, electronics, manufacturing, and logistics. Use SpotSee and deliver with confidence.


SpotSee products help track your shipment’s tilt, shock, temperature, humidity and environmental conditions.

SpotSee products help track your shipment’s tilt, shock, temperature, humidity and environmental conditions.

Contact our team today to develop a solution that works for your project.

Industries We Serve

Life Science

Pallet-to-patient solutions for pharmacies, diagnostics, hospitals, labs, and blood banks, to ensure efficacy, safety and quality.


Aerospace components, built for safe flight, are vulnerable during transport. SpotSee solutions help reduce they face damage from unexpected impacts.


In the automotive industry, a smart supply chain is an extension of smart factories. Early damage detection ensures defect-free productions.

Supply Chain

SpotSee solutions and products help save 40-60% of damage along the supply chain. See how our solutions can help you reduce costs.


SpotSee products help track your shipment’s tilt, shock, temperature, humidity and environmental conditions.

Laboratory Testing Solution for Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Our laboratory testing solution provides a comprehensive and integrated platform for all of your testing needs. We offer a wide range of testing services, including:

  • Clinical testing
  • Pharmaceutical testing
  • Research testing



Comprehensive Solutions for pharmacies, diagnostics, hospitals, labs, blood banks and specimen transport. With a broad line-up of temperature ranges, and the ability to arm the indicator in the field, WarmMark is a best-in-class product that will help you deliver with confidence.

MaxiLog Alert -80°C

The best-in-class data logger for extreme cold transport, the Maxilog Alert combines robust temperature monitoring with simple data retrieval via built-in USB interface with direct download to software.


The ShockLog devices monitors and records impact and environmental conditions experienced by sensitive equipment, whether in use, transit, or storage – detecting seismic-level g-force. The device alerts you when damage may have occurred, so you can respond promptly.

ColdChain Complete

The most cost-effective  solution to monitor temperature 2-8°C requirements in one product. This is a single-use visual indicator that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a temperature excursion created to help our customers monitor for cold and hot temperature excursions

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Blood Monitoring Solutions

Cold chain logistics is the larger system and equipment used to safely transport goods that are temperature sensitive. Think of the cold supply chain as consistent and uninterrupted temperature control throughout the entire supply chain network.