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Indicators for last mile vaccine temperature compliance. 

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Test essential employee temperatures before they begin work.

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We have the monitor you need to detect, or even prevent, costly damage to shipments and equipment.

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Get up-to-the-minute info on the status of your most precious assets, whether you’re managing a supply chain or plant.

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Reduce reship and replacement rates by 30-50%

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Replace your RFID tag with one that will integrate into your current system and tells you if the asset was mishandled.  


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Visualize impact and temperature damage in your supply chain and get real time alerts that show where it occurred.


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Shipping Indicators Are the First Line of Defense Against Damage

Today’s logistics industry requires in-depth insights throughout the global supply chain, not only to determine whether cargo has been damaged but also to gain an overall picture of shipping hazards, how they change over time and through the seasons, and trends by carrier, lane, and route.

Shipping damage indicators are the first line of defense in gaining visibility into the condition of cargo throughout its journey and during storage. Unlike recorders or monitors that provide real-time information on handling throughout transit, indicators provide go/no go information. They provide visual indication that products have experienced impacts, temperature fluctuations, or tilts that exceed your specifications and, therefore, may have damaged your products.

SpotSee has a range of indicators for every use, from temperature indicators for biotech or food to shock indicators for high tech equipment and consumer electronics as well as tilt indicators for glass, compressors, and other items that must remain upright.

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Some indicators are designed specifically for items that require refrigeration, such as vaccines and medical specimens. Others show when temperature become too cold which matters for paints and chemicals. There’s even an indicator for items, such as pharmaceuticals, that must stay within the Goldilocks zone – neither too hot nor too cool.

When impacts are a concern, SpotSee has a complete range of options, from the ShockWatch RFID to simple visual indicators. Indicators, regardless how simple or sophisticated, change color when they experience specific impact events. They provide handlers with a visible sign that the package requires inspection. RFID capabilities added into a visual indicator go a step further and automatically log the impact or lack thereof into the receiver’s enterprise management system.

Some products can be damaged when they are tilted during shipping or storage. Glass, compressors, and scientific instruments are just a few examples. SpotSee has solutions that document the degree and direction of tilt and even whether the package was turned upside down. The result is indisputable proof of how the product was handled during shipping, so receivers know it was handled properly and whether to inspect it for damage.

SpotSee indicators provide visible evidence of rough handling so you know whether to inspect items for hidden damage that may not otherwise be noticed until it’s too late. By knowing about possible damage, you can make a data-driven decision about whether to put a component into your inventory, ship a product to customers, or set it aside for a thorough inspection. That simple step can prevent damage and save countless hours of repairs. By helping you spot damage before products reach your customers, shipping indicators can help you reinforce your reputation as a producer of quality products.

Modern supply chains are complex, multi-faceted operations. Shipping indicators provide the data shippers need to gain visibility throughout their supply chains. With them companies can better identify damaged products and can work proactively to prevent future damage.

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Real-time trip data visualization at your fingertips in our SpotSee Cloud.


Detect and record impacts so you never have to wonder about handling during shipping again.


Condition based vibration monitoring extends asset lifetime and prevents any unplanned downtime or maintenance.


When these indicators are used, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.


Monitor and record unacceptable temperature events.


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