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Pumps, compressors, and other equipment vital to oil and gas exploration can be damaged during the transportation process or through the wear and tear of use in harsh environments.  When a piece of critical equipment fails, it can bring an entire operation to a halt and drive significant downtime and repair costs. SpotSee can help you gain visibility to potential damage caused by the transport of equipment or warning signs that equipment needs maintenance to avoid the heavy costs of failure.

Impact monitoring devices like SpotBot CellularShockLog Satellite, and ShockLog provide insight into potential damage experienced during the logistics process.  For example, these products help operators identify and inspect potential damage to compressor skids before they are put into use and thus avoid the significant costs related to running a damaged piece of equipment.

SpotSee’s OpsWatch and OpsWatch Ex vibration monitoring system provide continuous communication in real-time via Wi-Fi to alert users when a piece of equipment will fail, days before it happens. This allows central operations to perform preventative maintenance, maximizing its production and increasing overall productivity.

In an industry demanding progress, downtime is the enemy and SpotSee helps you save the day.

Product Recommendations


Real-time monitoring of low-frequency shock and vibration in equipment lets you know preventative maintainence is required before it’s too late.

SpotBot Cellular

Visualize impact and temperature damage in your supply chain and get real time alerts that show where it occurred.

ShockLog 298

The impact recorder with the lowest noise floor on the market lets you monitor assets weighing up to 250 tons.

ShockLog Satellite

We added a satellite module to the world’s best impact recorder. Now you can get alerts as soon as an impact occurs.

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