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Medical equipment is extremely susceptible to damage during shipment. Photomultiplier tubes used in industrial hygiene monitors, for example, use glass vacuum tube constructions that may break if the device is dropped or jolted.

Equipment designed for hospital use may experience similar failures when used in environments like mobile field hospitals or during air evacuations due to vibrations and inertial forces experienced during flight.

SpotBot Cellular impact monitoring system is the best solution for sensitive medical equipment under 60,000 lbs. You’ll receive real time notifications for any unacceptable impact, temperature, tilt and roll conditions.

For large pieces of medical equipment over 60,000 lbs, or if you need a more detailed look into an individual impact, ShockLog 298 is a suitable impact recorder. To receive real time impact alerts, upgrade to the ShockLog Cellular.

Product Recommendations

ShockWatch® 2

Shock Protection for Medical Equipment

ShockWatch® 2 impact indicators are single-use, go/no-go devices that determine if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage. The indicators are field-armable, tamperproof devices that turn bright red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred.

TiltWatch® RFID

Reduce Damage from Tilt

A tilt indicator holds handlers accountable for keeping goods positioned correctly. With the addition of RFID technology, the TiltWatch® RFI alerts you if your product has been tipped and allows you to capture that data in your warehouse or shipping management systems, so you can identify the source of damage.

ShockWatch® RFID

RFID Shock Monitoring

ShockWatch® RFID tags are field armable, tamperproof, and turn red when an impact beyond a specific g-force threshold has occurred. Because they can be read remotely, they do not require line of sight, and can be placed inside a box, crate, or package. These tags can be easily connected to your current RFID infrastructure for active monitoring

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