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Explore the advanced features of HemoTemp® II indicators – a liquid crystal monitor designed to provide a thorough time and temperature of a blood unit. Once activated, the irreversible section undergoes a color change, from blue to a non-blue shade as the blood temperature rises and time elapses. This color change, once initiated, remains permanent even with re-cooling, ensuring a consistent record of the unit’s temperature history.

The color of the activated indicator is dependent on product temperature, the time at that temperature, the size or mass of the sample, and the heat transfer characteristics of the sample container. Because the color change of HemoTemp II indicators is affected by the same variables that affect the time/temperature sensitive blood bag, these indicators will monitor the temperature history.

Easily attached to the exterior of the blood bag, these indicators are clearly visible. If an indicator signals exposure to temperatures beyond the recommended range, prompt action can be taken by the blood bank staff to maintain the safety and quality of the blood product.

The reversible segment of the indicator allows for continuous temperature monitoring, providing an easily readable check of the current blood temperature between 1°C and 9°C. Trust  HemoTemp II for precise and dependable blood temperature management.

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