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Blood, medicine and vaccines can be susceptible to temperature damage in the cold chain. With a huge growth in the number of temperature-controlled healthcare products being shipped, it has never been more important for pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories to monitor their shipments, especially in the “last mile,” when product is shipped directly to the consumer.

In fact, many states now make it a requirement that medicines have an easily discernable temperature indicator, like the single use WarmMark, affixed to them when it is shipped directly to someone’s home.

When a more detailed record of the shipments temperature data is required, a temperature recorder can be used, even when the material is being shipped in dry ice.

Temperature recorders like the SpotBot are multifunctional and re-usable and the temperature alarm settings are user defined, giving the flexibility for different applications. On top of that, the SpotBot also monitors for humidity, impact, tilt and roll with the data visualized on its easy-to-use mobile app.

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