New ShockWatch Software Tracks and Analyzes Cold Chain Performance

New ShockWatch Software Tracks and Analyzes Cold Chain Performance

Oct 2, 2013

ShockWatch, a leader in supply chain monitoring, introduced the web-hosted TrekView Data Management System (DMS) to make monitoring of temperature-sensitive products easier than ever. As a cloud-based application, the TrekView DMS puts actionable intelligence at supply chain managers’ fingertips, wherever they are.

“If they can access the Internet, they can access the reports and raw data they need to manage the supply chain more efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity,” Angela Kerr, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, said.

By storing all monitoring data in one central location, TrekView DMS makes it easy to mine and analyze data and tier reports so the right information goes to the right people. Because the data is stored in the cloud, the most current information is always accessible.  To ensure security, the ShockWatch system is fully validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, with password protection and configuration management features. This makes it particularly valuable for FDA compliance.

“TrekView DMS is a powerful tool to anyone concerned about what’s happening to their temperature sensitive products.  It provides a way to close the communication loop between the sender, the receiver and even the carrier when it comes to what temperatures were experienced along the supply chain,” said Kerr.  “With the right access, any of these stakeholders can see what time and temperature data was collected in storage and transit.”

Quality managers can configure a TrekView temperature recorder remotely, even setting temperature thresholds and logging parameters for more consistent results across lanes or product lines.  When the shipment reaches its destination,  monitoring data can be scanned within seconds – not minutes – and uploaded into the DMS to generate detailed modeling, profiling and comparisons reports.

Contact us to learn more about what TrekView can do for your cold chain today!


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