SpotBot Cellular is Certified in Japan

SpotBot Cellular is Certified in Japan

Nov 6, 2018

SpotSee has earned the Giteki mark for its impact-monitoring device SpotBot™, allowing it to be sold in Japan.

As a global company, it is important that SpotSee can serve customers around the globe. All wireless devices sold in Japan must be tested to obtain regulatory approval and be certified as conforming to the Japanese Technical Standards of Radio Waves. Any devices that emit radio waves must have a visual Giteki mark on the product in order to be sold. The certification ensures a device is safe and its wireless signals do not interfere with other signals, such as those used by the nation’s wireless networks.

“Earning the Giteki mark is a big step for SpotBot and SpotSee,” said Angela Kerr, vice president, product portfolio, SpotSee. “Because of this certification, we will be able to increase supply-chain efficiency, reduce costs and provide unparalleled transparency to the shipping process for Japanese companies.”

SpotBot is a stand-alone device that delivers global, real-time, tri-axial impact monitoring and tracking through cellular connectivity. The device tracks impact, temperature and location around the world and has an operating battery life of up to 75 days when reporting once an hour. It is mainly used when shipping items that are susceptible to damage during transport and provides comprehensive supply-chain transparency.





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