SpotSee Branding and Product Updates – March 2024

If you’ve been keeping an eye on SpotSee lately, you might have noticed a few changes happening. We are excited to share some updates on our branding and product lineup that we think you’ll find interesting.

A Fresh Look for SpotSee

First things first – we’ve given our branding a bit of a facelift. You’ll notice a more modern logo and a new set of colors representing our brand. We believe these updates reflect our commitment to staying current while staying true to who we are.

Product Labeling Tweaks

Along with the new branding, we are making some changes to our product labelling. While the colors on our labels will stay the same, you might see some adjustments to accommodate our updated logo. But don’t worry – the products themselves remain unchanged.

What is Changing

So, which products will be getting a makeover? Over the next six to eight months, keep an eye out for updates to:

  • Logo Update
  • Addition of SpotSee URL
  • Reposition Product Name
  • Reposition location of FreezeSafe and WarmMark Indictor Name

  • Logo Update

  • Logo Update

  • Logo Update

  • Logo Update

  • Logo Update

  • Logo Update/Reposition

  • Removal of ShockWatch Name

  • Logo Update
  • SpotBot Name Update and Reposition
  • Addition of Tri-Axle positioning icon

More products will be updated soon, and we will keep you informed.

If you have any questions, we are to help. Feel free to reach out if you need more information to your sales representative or email us at Thanks for being part of the SpotSee family of distributors!