SpotSee Expands Vibration-Monitoring Product Family With the Launch of OpsWatch Ethernet

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SpotSee Expands Vibration-Monitoring Product Family With the Launch of OpsWatch Ethernet

Mar 24, 2021

SpotSee®, a global leader in supply chain condition monitoring through its ShockLog®, ShockWatch®, ShockWatch® RFID, TiltWatch® and WarmMark® brands, and connectivity solutions, has expanded its vibration-monitoring product line to include OpsWatch Ethernet, an ethernet-based vibration monitoring system.

“As a company, our strategic goal is to help our customers identify damaging conditions in real-time so they can make adjustments before failure occurs,” said Angela Kerr, vice president, product portfolio, SpotSee. “OpsWatch Ethernet simplifies this process, allowing customers to stay connected to their assets through a wired Ethernet connection.”

OpsWatch Ethernet is an extension of the OpsWatch product line, designed to monitor equipments’ low-frequency vibrations or shocks for changes outside of the normal range. Using the vibration-monitoring device, customers have access to a log of rich data made available by continuous monitoring. Monitoring data over time allows engineering and maintenance teams to detect vibration patterns and any changes that might signal impending failure. Early warnings mean users can take steps to perform preventative maintenance and avoid extended periods of unplanned downtime.

OpsWatch Ethernet was created in collaboration with Lasso Technologies, a provider of IoT services. By utilizing Lasso’s Ethernet interface, the device’s operational parameters can be changed, including ranges and thresholds, allowing users to customize it for their needs. Unlike the Wi-Fi version of the product, the Ethernet-enabled product allows operation in environments where wireless communication is difficult due to radio-frequency interference or radio propagation is inhibited, for example inside metallic structures.

“The opportunity to team with SpotSee, the leader in shock and vibration detection, and bring something truly unique to market was too good to pass up,” said Daniel Irizarry, EVP, Lasso Technologies. “We are excited to help SpotSee launch OpsWatch Ethernet and look forward to our next great collaboration.”

In addition to its operational benefits, OpsWatch Ethernet simplifies implementation, data collection and vibration analysis. Designed to mount directly onto equipment, operators at plants can leverage multiple devices. Because they’re easily deployed, customers can avoid full plant implementation and complex software solutions. Once activated, data from the monitors is collected in the OpsWatch cloud and made viewable to customers at any time from any web-enabled device.

To learn more about SpotSee’s OpsWatch product line, visit:

About Lasso Technologies

Founded in 2008, Lasso is an Industrial IoT company offering the industry’s most diverse integrated telematics system. What sets Lasso apart is the use of powerful web-based software and hardware technologies, such as sensors, GPS, RFID, and mesh technologies, communicating data over satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi networks, all of which enable us to provide our customers with a diverse suite of solutions that coalesce into a single interface.

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