SpotSee的SpotBot获得中国CMIIT认证 SpotSee’s SpotBot Earns CMIIT Certification in China

以低成本数据连接提供冲击和振动监测的全球行业领导者SpotSee已通过中国工信部对其冲击监测设备SpotBot™的CMIIT认证,允许其在中国销售。 任何无线产品必须标识有CMIIT ID方可在中国市场销售。为此,设备必须经过测试,以确保产品质量并获得产品在特定频率和功率输出下运行的许可。该认证旨在确保设备安全,并且其无线信号不会干扰其他信号,例如国家无线网络所用的信号。
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SpotSee的SpotBot获得中国CMIIT认证 SpotSee’s SpotBot Earns CMIIT Certification in China

Dec 18, 2018 | News


任何无线产品必须标识有CMIIT ID方可在中国市场销售。为此,设备必须经过测试,以确保产品质量并获得产品在特定频率和功率输出下运行的许可。该认证旨在确保设备安全,并且其无线信号不会干扰其他信号,例如国家无线网络所用的信号。

SpotSee产品组合副总裁Angela Kerr表示:“SpotBot获准在世界最大的商业中心之一进行分销,这是SpotSee取得的一项重大进展。获得CMIIT认证使我们能够帮助在中国运营的公司改善他们的供应链和运输流程。”




We have earned the CMIIT certification from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for our impact-monitoring device SpotBot™ Cellular, allowing it to be sold in China. 

Any wireless product must show a CMIIT ID before being sold on the Chinese market. To do this, the devices must be tested to ensure product quality and to authorize product operation at certain frequencies and power outputs. The certification ensures a device is safe and its wireless signals do not interfere with other signals, such as those used by the nation’s wireless networks.

“Having SpotBot Cellular approved for distribution in one of the world’s largest commercial hubs is a big step for SpotSee,” said Angela Kerr, vice president, product portfolio, SpotSee. “Earning the CMIIT certification allows us to improve supply chain and shipping processes for companies operating out of China.”

SpotBot Cellular is a stand-alone device that delivers global, real-time, tri-axial impact monitoring and tracking through cellular connectivity. The device tracks impact, temperature and location around the world and has an operating battery life of up to 75 days when reporting once an hour. It is mainly used when shipping items that are susceptible to damage during transport and provides comprehensive supply-chain transparency.

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