SpotSee’s WarmMark® plays a crucial role in identifying temperature excursions during the delivery of prescription medicine to homes. It is a specialized temperature indicator designed to provide clear and actionable information about whether a medication’s temperature has exceeded the safe range during transportation. Here’s how WarmMark achieves this:

  1. Temperature Monitoring: WarmMark is a small, field-armable, adhesive indicator that is placed on the packaging of prescription medicine before it is dispatched for delivery. It contains an ascending time-temperature indicator which alerts users of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions.
  2. Irreversible Indicator. WarmMark is designed to change color if the temperature surpasses the predetermined threshold during transit. The color change is irreversible, providing a clear visual indication that the medication has been exposed to temperatures beyond the acceptable range.
  3. Easy to Read: The color change on the WarmMark indicator is easily distinguishable, allowing both the recipient of the medication and delivery personnel to quickly determine whether the medication has experienced a temperature excursion.
  4. Identifies Accountability: If the WarmMark indicates a color change, it signals that the medication may have been compromised due to temperature fluctuations. This triggers accountability for both the delivery provider and the recipient to take appropriate actions, such as contacting the pharmacy or the manufacturer for guidance on using or replacing the medication.
  5. Ture Transparency: WarmMark acts as a record of the temperature conditions the medication experienced during transportation. This data can be valuable for assessing the integrity of the medication and identifying any potential issues that might arise from temperature deviations.

WarmMark Unactivated SpotSee Temperature Loggers

The WarmMark® time-temperature indicator from SpotSee offers a straightforward and effective solution to identify temperature excursions during the delivery of prescription medicine at home. It is a perfect solutions for customers, delivering:

  • Evidence of exposure to above temperature excursions
  • Reduce costly medications returns
  • Accurate and cost effective cold-chain monitoring solutions

Contact one of our solutions experts today for more details and to see how you can implement this ingeniously simple solution today!