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Custom Temperature Indicators 

Manufacturing Capability

SpotSee has the capability of producing all products from the ground up. Our manufacturing facilities include synthesis of our own chemicals, microencapsulation, converting them into inks and coatings, and printing them to create finished products. This enables us to provide technical solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

SpotSee’s comprehensive manufacturing experience provides:

  • Manufacturing – producing small or large volumes
  • Specialist knowledge – a strong R&D team all with over 10 years of experience in the field
  • Turnkey solutions – ready to use products that are off the shelf
  • Custom solutions – creating the right product for you application
  • Quality assured – US ISO 9001:2015 and UK ISO 13485:2016 certified & independently tested products

Smart Indicators for Special Applications


  • Constant Temperature Indicators
  • Proof of Achieved Temperature
  • H2O Alarm
  • Disinfection & Sterilization Confirmation
  • UV Light Alert
  • Quality Assurance
  • Process Verification
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Warranty Abuse

Industries Served

  • Textiles
  • Research, Testing, and Engineering
  • Medical and Laboratory
  • Industrial and Processing


    • Labels
    • Ink
    • Coatings
    • Paint
    • Chemical Indicators
    • Masterbatch
    • Graphics
    • Combinations
    • Design Engineering

    Customized Answer

    • Finished Label or Graphic
    • Custom, Shape, Size, Temperature Range, Layout, and Colors
    • Pigments, Dyes, Inks, FF Powder, Masterbatch
    • Copy & Branding
    1. Dual Function
    Irreversible Temperature and Hydrochromic indicator that provides evidence of a multilayered disinfection process.
    2. Dual Function
    Irreversible Temperature Indicator and reversible indicator @50°C. Alerts to high temperature and provides evidence of a temperature excursion. Allows for early warning with a permanent change at an unsafe temperature event perfect for monitoring electrical equipment.
    3. Branded
    Pass Fail permanent change temperature label @180°F / 82°C used for dishwasher disinfection evidence/record keeping (HACCP Compliance).
    4. Custom Copy
    Refrigeration Thermometer Warm above 41°F Cold below.
    5. Dual Function with Detailed Printing
    Refrigeration Thermometer OK lights up at 41°F with machine readable QR code for smartphone link to personalized on line information, perfect for accessing user manuals.
    6. Steam Sterilization Time / Temperature Indication
    Tan to Black Color Change at 2 min 134°C or 10 min 121°C.
    7. Disposable and Reversible Moisture Indicator
    Single item multiple uses. White to Red when wet, then back to white when dry. Repeat.
    8. Multiple Color Label
    Heat alert integrated into label, inner circle converts from black to red at a temperature back to black below set temperature.
    9. Hydrochromic Ink Permanent Change
    Black to White when wet.
    10. UV Irreversible Sterilization Color Change Indicator Label
    Provides evidence that the label was exposed to 254nm of UL light clear to blue, copy and size custom tour requirements. Affix to instrument or surface treated with UV light.
    11. Masterbatch UV Light Reversible Color Change
    White to multiple colors available
    Custom Images
    1. Private Label Forehead Thermometer
    2. Single Color Custom Thermometer
    3. Private Label Irreversible Thermometer
    4. Custom Water Temperature Thermometer
    5. Branded Thermometer with QR Code
    6. Branded Irreversible Dishwasher Temperature Strip
    7. Irreversible Safety Temperature Indicator
    8. Correct Temperature Indicator
    9. Custom Dual Scale Thermometer
    10. Cold Activated Game Piece
    11. Battery Tester with Circuit
    12. OK Water Temperature Promotional Thermometer
    13. Cosmetic Temperature Gauge
    14. Custom Hot Water Gauge
    15. Custom Bath Thermometer

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    In-House R&D

    Having a team dedicated to the continual improvement and development of new materials and processes, SpotSee prides itself on being innovative and responding to their customer’s needs.

    SpotSee specializes in the following fields:

    • Thermochromism – temperature measurement through color change.
    • Photochromism – detecting the presence of light through color change.
    • Hydrochromism – detecting the presence of water through color change.
    • Microencapsulation – protection of sensitive materials through formation of an outer wall.

    The aim of our team is to use the above processes to develop finished products that are accurate, non-toxic, and easy to use, meeting the needs of our customers.

    Above all, we love a challenge!

    Custom R&D

    The combination of our core competencies in liquid crystals and thermochromics, 40 year tenured in-house expertise, and the production of color changing marketing from healthcare to retail, enables SpotSee to offer an expansive range of potential thermographic products.

    With years of experience in micro-encapsulation techniques, our labs and team of scientists enable us to create bespoke thermochromic inks and plastic masterbatch.

    We offer in house Project Management, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Packaging and Fulfillment. We are ISO 13485:2016 (US) and ISO 9001:2008 (UK), and comply with the essential requirements of the relevant health, safety, and environmental protection legislations.

    Bespoke Solutions

    Existing product lines have held well over the years. However, research and development show new applications are producing even more uses from this fascinating technology.

    The unique nature of our core competency and our in-house expertise. SpotSee’s team has over 25 years in the advancement, production, and marketing of color changing thermometry into diverse markets. This enables SpotSee to offer thousands of potential thermographic products for your application.

    We offer in-house Project Management, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Packaging and Fulfilment. Being ISO 9001-2008 compliant means that we are subject to continuous improvement, providing our customers with the quality products and service expected.

    Our team is ready to share our expertise and assist you at the level necessary to bring your idea to life.

    Contact us at and let us demonstrate what we can do for you.

    Please note, that all custom product orders are subject to a +/- 5% under & over run policy.

    • Private Label Irreversible Thermometer
    • Custom Water Temperature Thermometer
    • Branded Thermometer with QR Code
    • Branded Irreversible Dishwasher Temperature Strip
    • Irreversible Safety Temperature Indicator

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