SpotSee Connectivity

SpotSee Connectivity is cellular-based communication that is low cost, global and extremely battery efficient. It works anywhere there is cellular coverage…all for a flat monthly fee. We own our own mobile network which means we serve as a single supplier for your IoT connectivity requirements.

Single point of contact, single technical support anywhere in the world.


  • Globally connects devices to the SpotSee Cloud
  • 2G/3G/4G network ready
  • Low-cost flat rate
  • GPRS and SMS are also available

Global Mobile Network

SpotSee Connectivity utilizes our mobile network and roaming agreements from global operators to cover over 180 countries. We use a combination of 2G/3G and 4G ready cellular networks to provide real-time global monitoring, as long as your device is in a cellular coverage area.

Low-Cost Flat Rate

SpotSee uses our own mobile network to pass device, sensor, time and location information anywhere cellular coverage exists, anywhere in the world, for a flat monthly fee. There are no additional subscription or roaming costs to use SpotSee Connectivity.

Connected Products

SpotBot Cellular

SpotBot generates accurate data on impacts up to 65G providing more than four times the spectrum of the best competitive alternative.

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ShockLog Cellular

The ShockLog® Cellular combines the powerful monitoring capabilities of the ShockLog 298 impact recorder with a cellular communication

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ShockLog Satellite

Combines the ShockLog® 298 and a satellite communication module to deliver outstanding impact recording, real-time reporting and asset

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