Supply Chain Conditions May Damage Even Rugged Consumer Electronics - WHITEPAPER

“I bought it and it broke a month later!” Statements like that tarnish reputations and sink companies. Eliminating the complaint doesn’t always involve new product designs or more robust packaging. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of understanding what products really experience.

Impact monitors can provide this visibility inside the supply chain and in consumers’ hands. To begin:

-Add impact and temperature monitors to the cartons or crates to record significant impacts and vibrations during shipping that can cause immediate or hidden damage.

-Then insert a tiny impact indicator inside product housings. There’s room. If it’s triggered, this shouldn’t be a warranty repair.

These are just two of the many ways ShockWatch monitoring systems can help you improve your products’ performance and minimize expensive repairs. To learn more, download this whitepaper. Then call our problem solvers. We’re happy to help.