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Without proper handling meat, produce and dairy products are always susceptible to waste. The best to way to solve waste in your food supply chain is with temperature indicators, recorders, and monitors.

WarmMark is a single use temperature indicator which will let you know that a shipments temperature went above an unacceptable level and for how long.

For more detail, a recorder like LOGIC will provide you with a complete log of your shipments temperature data.

SpotBot Cellular with real-time temperature alarming is perfect if you need to know as soon as a food shipment’s temperature is unacceptable and could cause it to spoil. The trip’s history along with alarm location is visualized on the SpotSee Cloud.

Product Recommendations


If the single use temperature indicator turns red you’ll know your cold chain shipment got too warm.

SpotBot Cellular

Visualize impact and temperature damage in your supply chain and get real time alerts that show where it occurred.

LOGIC Temperature Recorder

Monitor your cold-chain shipment for unacceptable conditions with a cost-effective temperature recorder.


Monitor your cold-chain shipment for unacceptable conditions with a low-cost temperature recorder.

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