Keep an Eye Out For Unexpected Changes Using SpotSee ShockLog

How SpotSee ShockLog can monitor products in your supply chain Key takeaways Knowing how temperature and humidity changes can affect the product you are shipping…

How SpotSee ShockLog can monitor products in your supply chain

Key takeaways

  • Knowing how temperature and humidity changes can affect the product you are shipping is important
  • Shipments are vulnerable to unexpected physical impact
  • SpotSee ShockLog can help you monitor temperature changes, humidity differences, and signs of physical shock to the product

Some of the most vital products you ship are also the most fragile to temperature changes, humidity changes, and physical impact. 

Not too hot or too cold

When it comes to temperature and products, you want it to be just right. All products have a safe zone for transport. Anything above or below this threshold can render a product unusable. Whether you are shipping vital vaccines or sensitive computer equipment, you will need to keep track of the temperature of the products. This will ensure the products arrive safely and in the best condition. While you cannot control the weather, you can take swift action when you have a reliable monitoring device.

It’s like a sauna in here

Humidity does more than change the temperature. It increases the moisture in the air. If you let humidity get too high or low during transport, it can corrode, cause moisture buildup, or cause brittleness with electronics or sensitive equipment, which can damage and make them useless. Humidity can cause mold to grow on organic materials and warp wooden shipping containers. Much like temperature, you cannot control the external humidity changes along the transport route. However, a proper monitoring device will allow you to intervene in a timely manner.

Careful with that box

A fragile sticker cannot protect from the shock of turbulence, a sudden traffic stop, or a sharp turn. Even with proper packaging, physical shocks during transport can ruin or break products. The careless tossing of a box with medical vials around will cause them to shatter, even if there’s protective packaging. In some cases, this could result in an environmental and hazardous issue. Since these unpredictable situations cannot often be prevented, you must monitor the product for tilts and rolls. Accurate monitoring will give you the peace of mind that a product has arrived safely or let you know when there is a problem.

Damaged goods and damaged reputation

Careless handling or lack of monitoring of products in your supply chain is bad for your business. It can lead to:

  • Paying to replace damaged goods during transport
  • Your customers are not receiving vital supplies
  • Legal consequences if customers receive and consume damaged goods, such as spoiled food, equipment affected by carelessness, or compromised medicines
  • Loss of reputation

Enter SpotSee ShockLog

Knowing is half the battle. How do you stay on top of things to minimize risks to the overall safety and quality of the products? Well, the answer is SpotSee ShockLog. It can help you monitor temperature, humidity, and physical shock.

The SpotSee ShockLog is a data logger and an impact recorder. ShockLog monitors and records products’ shock, vibration, and environmental conditions during transport. SpotSee ShockLog monitors and records data when there is: 

  • Tilting
  • Rolling
  • Pressure changes
  • Humidity changes
  • Temperature changes

How SpotSee ShockLog monitors temperature changes

Whether you use the built-in temperature sensor or connect an optional external sensor, Spotsee ShockLog will monitor the temperature of your products. You can program start and end dates, intervals, thresholds, and alarms. Based on these customized settings, ShockLog will alert you of temperature changes that may be unsafe for products during transport.

Checking on humidity changes with SpotSee ShockLog 

Monitor humidity changes using an optional external sensor like Spotsee ShockLog, which will report on minimum and maximum humidity and dew points for the summary period. You can customize alarms for your shipment, so you’ll get alerts when humidity changes are no longer safe for your products.

Brace for impact with Spotsee ShockLog

Spotsee ShockLog will monitor vibration levels and impact on the cargo. With extension devices, you can also monitor for any tilting or rolling of the shipment. Threshold levels can be set so that the ShockLog ignores normal low-level vibration in transport.

How to make SpotSee ShockLog a part of your shipping process

Spotsee ShockLog is meant to help you monitor your sensitive shipments without added hassle. To make sure you get the most accurate alerts, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Mount the ShockLog as low as possible but as close as you can to the most sensitive part of the product
  • Make sure you use all 4 mounting bolts that are included
  • Make sure you avoid metal-to-metal contact when mounting ShockLog
  • Use the rubber bushings included in the mounting kit to reduce vibration

If you’re unable to mount the ShockLog, then use magnetic feet or strong, adhesive, double-sided tape.

Using SpotSee ShockLog data to ship safe

The included ShockLog software generates reports and graphs useful for monitoring your shipment. On the Report page, you will find the Data File Summary section, which gives you a start-to-finish picture of your shipment. The Summary of Events will list any alarms or abnormalities that were reported. You can customize the date range of the Report using the report time period selector. 

Several graphs will appear on the Report page, such as:

  • Slot Graphs of the impacts and internal temperature
  • Event Data Graphs with data from recorded events
  • Event Summary Graph showing the absolute value of the events in the file
  • Detailed Event Curve displaying a data curve for a given event, starting with the most severe

Use SpotSee ShockLog to protect your shipments

Spotsee ShockLog is a reliable tool for monitoring and recording possible dangers to your shipment. Temperature, humidity, and the physical impact of jolts and tilts are risks when transporting products. ShockLog monitors and records these risks and immediately alerts you when problems occur. So why would you leave your supply chain vulnerable to such risks? Contact Spotsee today to see how ShockLog can best help safeguard your shipments.