ShockWatch 2 Helps Shippers Save Money and Detect Damage

ShockWatch 2 Helps Shippers Save Money and Detect Damage

Apr 19, 2013

The new ShockWatch 2 impact monitor helps shippers reduce costs and accurately assign accountability for damage.

With a single glance at the new ShockWatch 2 impact indicator, you know whether a shipment was handled roughly. The indicator is tamperproof and serialized, providing indisputable evidence of the handling conditions.

The ShockWatch 2 is armable, so customers are assured that it monitors only the impacts that occurred after it was applied to their packages.   It mounts to the outside of packages or containers and turns red when impacts exceed the product’s threshold. Recipients know immediately that they should inspect the shipment carefully. Carriers have good reason to handle packages more carefully because they know damage can be traced to them and they can be held accountable.

“The implications of the ShockWatch 2 go beyond just monitoring a package,” stated Gerard Smith, Chief Executive Officer.  “By tracking impact data, shippers and carriers can better determine where the damage occurred and take steps to prevent future damage by altering packaging, routes, procedures, or supply chain partners. Thus, by alerting them to the potential for damage, ShockWatch 2 helps shippers and their customers take a step to reduce overall supply chain costs.”

ShockWatch provides solutions that currently enable over 3000 customers and some 200 partners in 62 countries to detect mishandling that causes product damage and spoilage during transport and storage. The robust ShockWatch product portfolio includes impact, tilt, temperature, vibration, and humidity detection systems and is widely used in the energy, transportation, aerospace, defense, food, pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer goods and manufacturing sectors. For more information, please contact a representative.

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