ShockWatch Awarded GSA Contract

ShockWatch Awarded GSA Contract

Jun 19, 2014

Watch, a provider of impact, temperature and tilt monitors and indicators has just been awarded a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). This contract allows government agencies, including the U.S. military, to streamline their purchases from ShockWatch.

“Now government agencies can purchase ShockWatch monitoring solutions directly from the GSA catalog,” ShockWatch Chairman and CEO Gerard Smith says. “Because terms and conditions are pre-set through the contract, government customers can buy products quicker and with less paperwork for large purchases than going through general source contracts. This increases visibility of our product across all government agencies.”

GSA screens its partner companies carefully, ensuring that they offer “most favorable customer” pricing through the GSA catalog. This contract recognizes ShockWatch as a preferred vendor authorized to conduct business with government agencies.

The first ShockWatch products in the GSA catalog are the:

Flex – an impact monitor that mounts on curved or irregular surfaces and turns red when impact tolerances are exceeded.

ShockLog 298 – a programmable impact monitor that records the date and time of up to 870 shock and vibration events, providing times of incidents as well as summary data during use, storage, and shipping.

ColdMark – an indicator that provides visual evidence when products are exposed to temperatures below a predetermined threshold.

WarmMark Long Run – an indicator that shows temperature excursions, as well as the length of time products, have been exposed to unacceptably high temperatures

WarmMark Duo – an indicator designed for vaccines to monitor for temperature excursions above 10°C and again above 34°C.

In addition to these products, listed on the GSA schedule, ShockWatch also can provide a wide range of monitoring solutions to measure, record, report and analyze impacts, tilts, and temperature excursions. With this information, organizations gain insights into their logistics and supply chains that helps them minimize and repair costs.

Contact ShockWatch to learn more about ShockWatch’s GSA services and other solutions.

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