ShockWatch®, Inc. and Timestrip UK LTD Announce Strategic Partnership to Develop and Distribute Latest Cold Chain Indicator Technology

ShockWatch®, Inc. and Timestrip UK LTD Announce Strategic Partnership to Develop and Distribute Latest Cold Chain Indicator Technology

Dec 18, 2012

Cooperative agreement brings together two industry leaders to provide market-leading products that require no special packaging, refrigerant or overnight shipping and provide top-notch accuracy and flexibility

ShockWatch, a global leader in the innovation and optimization of logistics and cold chain risk management systems along with Timestrip UK LTD, today announced an agreement to streamline the development, distribution and support of their newest cold chain product lines.

Although the specific terms of the agreement are confidential, the two companies have stated their newly integrated ability to:

  • Expand distribution and support of their complementary products in over 62 countries worldwide
  • Develop next generation products that will continue to reduce the costs for manufacturers while increasing accuracy and flexibility
  • Ship and stock said products into those countries to provide the lowest possible cost for customers worldwide. This is possible through the technology in both companies’ newest product lines, the ColdMark2, WarmMark2, TrekView, Timestrip Minus and Timestrip Plus.

Immediate benefit to the market

For 35 years ShockWatch has developed impact, tilt and temperature monitoring products for the logistics and cold chain marketplace. Timestrip ® UK LTD is a global business bringing low-cost, technologically advanced, patent protected time and temperature monitoring indicators to market. By adding the Timestrip products, the ShockWatch portfolio is the most robust, widely deployed in the market,

“The partnership has resulted in not only worldwide support for next generation indicators, but expands the ShockWatch portfolio to include additional temperature ranges and armable devices that enhance an already robust temperature and impact line”, said Kevin Kohleriter, VP of Marketing and Product Management for ShockWatch. “Through the addition of expertise and new products to our portfolio, we don’t see any company(s) better equipped to tackle the requirements of food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

“One of our key objectives has been to include a strong partner in the Timestrip temperature indicator venture with the scale, experience and resources to deploy. We are pleased to have partnered with ShockWatch to support in this effort,” said Rueben Isbitsky, founder of Timestrip, UK LTD.  “Timestrip and ShockWatch are dedicated to the continued progress and success of the temperature indicator market and to fulfilling commitments to our customers.”

ShockWatch announces entirely redesigned products based on new agreement

In a separate announcement, ShockWatch released two new single-use, cold chain temperature indicators lines, the ColdMark2 and WarmMark2. These new indicators dramatically decrease the overall cost of this type of device through the ability to ship the indicators to customers without special packaging or handling: A first in the industry.

These new products were entirely designed from the ground up to be low-cost, and help optimize the cold chain by immediately alerting manufacturers, handlers and receivers when a product has been exposed to temperature conditions beyond a specified threshold. Field armable, individually marked to assist tracking, and water resistant, all come with certificates of conformance.

  • The WarmMark2 detects exposure to unacceptably high temperatures and shows the cumulative amount of time exposure to a temperature threshold.
  • The entirely new ColdMark2 provides a simple indication of a low temperature breach and requires no special packaging or overnight shipping of the indicator itself, saving up to 50% of the cost versus most of today’s temperature indicators.

Products are available in multiple temperature sensitivities with specific sensitivities for pharmaceutical and biologics applications.

Part of a complete line of temperature product

The ColdMark2and WarmMark2 are part of a complete line of temperature monitoring devices available from ShockWatch. These products include the TempMark® 8 electronic temperature indicator for pharmaceuticals and the newly announced TrekView® line of wireless temperature recorders.

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