ShockWatch Launches Shipping Damage Deterrent Device in Staples® Nationwide

ShockWatch Launches Shipping Damage Deterrent Device in Staples® Nationwide

Sep 22, 2015 | Blog


Solution Aimed at Reducing Package Damage for Consumers, Small Business Owners

(DALLAS) – ShockWatch, a global expert in the development of products that act as deterrents to reduce mishandling during shipping, today announced the launch of their ShockWatch 2 Drop Detector in over 1,400 Staples® stores.

ShockWatch will be selling the ShockWatch 2 Drop Detector in Staples® stores nationwide, giving consumers and small business owners a cost-effective, high-tech device to protect their shipments. The ShockWatch 2 informs the recipient if a package has been dropped or experienced an unusual impact, which results in more careful handling during the shipping process if an impact has occurred, acting as a deterrent to mishandling.

“We are excited about this partnership with a world-class retailer like Staples,” said Tony Fonk, CEO of ShockWatch. “Their large footprint and focus on small businesses is an ideal channel for ShockWatch products. We look forward to growing together.”

For more than 40 years, ShockWatch has helped businesses, including Fortune 500/5000 companies, reduce shipping and handling damage by 30 to 70 percent through products and programs designed to protect, detect and track assets and packages.

The ShockWatch 2 Drop Detector is tamperproof and field-armable. Consumers simply peel the manually-activated label and place directly on the outside of their package. The indicator turns bright red when an impact exceeds the product’s impact threshold. The Detector is sold in a three pack and available in the shipping services section.

To learn more about the ShockWatch 2 Drop Detector.

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