Expands Life Science and Connected Products Portfolio

DALLAS–SpotSee®, a global leader in environmental condition monitoring solutions that protect products against supply chain damage and validate critical processes, has acquired Marathon Products, a leading provider of temperature data loggers and monitors for ultra-low and high temperature applications. This acquisition will expand SpotSee’s existing product portfolio to provide life science and other customers with connected product solutions ranging from low-cost condition indicators at a saleable unit level, to precision data loggers and condition monitors for larger bulk shipments.

“Our mission is to connect our life science customers to the condition of their pharmaceuticals and diagnostics as they travel from manufacturer to patient,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “The Marathon acquisition gives SpotSee over 50 additional cost-effective solutions for monitoring temperature and humidity, including the best -80⁰C dry ice data logger on the market, which is ideal for ultra-cold chains.”

Ultra-cold supply chains are necessary for new and emerging pharmaceutical technologies such as mRNA, which is used for COVID-19 vaccines.

“SpotSee is the ideal partner for the next generation of Marathon,” said Jon Nakagawa, CEO, Marathon Products, who will be staying with the business. “Their global sales, distribution, customer and product support network will enable us to serve new customers throughout the globe.”

SpotSee’s largest market segment is life science. As a result of this acquisition, SpotSee will be able to expand its offering to pharmaceutical and diagnostic developers, manufacturers, wholesalers, third-party logistics (3PLs), dispensers and patients. In addition to life science, SpotSee will also be able to expand its presence in other cold chain markets such as food safety and chemicals.

For more product information, visit www.spotsee.io.

About SpotSee

At SpotSee, every degree matters. As a global leader in condition-indicating and monitoring solutions, the company helps customers in the life sciences industry to identify changing conditions to protect life sciences and ensure supply chain integrity. SpotSee provides products that enable more than 4,500 customers and partners in 62 countries to detect changes in the condition of everything from vaccines to spaceships. The company’s solutions include temperature, impact, tilt, vibration, humidity, and liquid detection monitoring devices, available via visual, RFID, QR Code, cellular or satellite connection. Its products, such as WarmMark, ColdMark, HemoTemp II, ThermoStrip, Thermax, BriteLine, ShockWatch, ShockLog and TiltWatch, are widely used in the life sciences, energy, transportation, aerospace, defense, food, manufacturing, and consumer products sectors. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX and operates five facilities in Texas, Illinois, Mexico and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.spotsee.io.