SpotSee Opens New Facility in Chihuahua, Mexico

SpotSee Opens New Facility in Chihuahua, Mexico

Feb 23, 2018

SpotSee has opened a new facility in Chihuahua, Mexico, to better reach its customers, more easily manufacture products in-house and continue its global expansion.

“Sixty percent of our revenue comes from outside the U.S.,” said Ted Harvey, vice president of operations, SpotSee. “Since Mexico has more global trade agreements than any other country in the world, this facility will make it easier to reach those customers and provide them with faster, better access to our products.”

In the past, SpotSee used third party firms to produce products in other parts of the world such as China and Europe, but this new facility will allow the company to manufacture these products in-house. Its primary functions will be electronic and mechanical assembly, injection molding, machining, foam press cutting and die casting.

“Because of its skilled workforce and advanced manufacturing base, Chihuahua is the perfect location for SpotSee’s new facility,” said Ivan Sanchez, plant manager, SpotSee. “I’m ready to take SpotSee to the next level with our established network here in Mexico.”

The new facility is located at KM 5 Carretera a Delicias S/N, Interior Bodega 7, Aquiles Serdán, Chihuahua, 31650.

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