How to Prevent Downtime and Mechanical Failure in Mining Facilities

How to Prevent Downtime and Mechanical Failure in Mining Facilities

Mar 8, 2018 | Blog

SpotSee is making mining facility downtime and mechanical failures a thing of the past with the OpsWatch Vibration Monitoring System. The product delivers real-time impact and vibration information, which allows users to spot trends and identify potential issues before they result in costly unplanned downtime.

“Vibration is the earliest indicator of potential mechanical failure,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “With SpotSee’s vibration monitoring products such as OpsWatch in place, we are able to predict pending failure and save companies thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. OpsWatch’s predictive maintenance capabilities make it essential to the mining industry.”

Vibration and shock monitoring is an integral part of machine condition monitoring programs, however, the majority of equipment currently installed is not capable of detecting and communicating such information. That is why OpsWatch is ideal for retrofitting existing equipment with condition monitoring. Equipment that has belts, gears, bearings, drive motors and other moving components has a “normal” range of vibration during operating cycles. Change in equipment vibration serves as an early warning of a decline in operating function and signals the need for maintenance to avoid more serious faults and/or failure.

OpsWatch enables real-time monitoring of low-frequency shock and vibration to identify changes when they occur, making it simple to spot variations and unexpected impact events. The system provides alerts when vibration is outside of the normal range and has the capability to stream condition-based data through Wi-Fi communication. Armed with this information, maintenance teams can investigate unexpected equipment behavior before it is too late.opswatchex

Additionally, with the OpsWatch Cloud, users are able to access their information from any web-enabled device through a secure log-in. The dashboard provides a simple overview of the status showing if the equipment is either in Normal or Alarm mode. From there, users can drill down into the data for a more detailed analysis to view historical information for spotting equipment performance trends.

For more information about the OpsWatch vibration monitoring system

Check out SpotSee’s All Product Directory for more damage prevention and monitoring devices.


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