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Sector: Medical


Legislation requires miners in South Africa to carry an apparatus which provides a supply of life sustaining oxygen in the event of an emergency, such as an underground explosion or fire. Known as SCSR’s (self-contained self-rescuers), these breathing units are worn on the body and use potassium superoxide as an oxygen source.


To provide a solution to enable rescuers to recognize if the rescue packs have been exposed to extreme temperatures that would cause failure of the oxygen supply.


Thermax® Single Point Encapsulated Indicators at temperature ranges 54ºC, 60ºC, 71ºC, 104ºC are used to indicate a triggered self-rescue pack as well as overheated exposure, which can cause possible failure of the oxygen pack if triggered or activated at a future stage. Sales of this product for this particular application are very sporadic and depend upon the use of the packs or ageing of the indicators. Rescue packs are not used regularly, only when needed so volumes are not high, but nonetheless, the application is very interesting and has potential application in other similar areas where such breathing apparatus is used such as the chemical industry etc.

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