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How do you spot the best color-change diagnostics? Simply look for diagnostics that incorporate Hallcrest technology.
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Every Degree Matters – Solutions for Labs and Diagnostics

How do you spot the best color-change diagnostics? Simply look for diagnostics that incorporate SpotSee custom technologies.

SpotSee has a long history of developing innovative thermochromic, hydrochromic and photochromic solutions that change colors based on the presence of temperature change, liquid, or ultraviolet (UV) light – including sunlight. So, while SpotSee doesn’t make the diagnostic tools that make life better, it makes the technology that makes those tools easier to use. Diagnostics that are “Helped by SpotSee” make life better.

SpotSee’s color change solutions help more products than you may imagine. If you’ve ever had your feet mapped to identify pressure points before buying a better-fitting pair of shoes, chances are strong that the liquid crystal thermochromics in the mat were made by SpotSee. Even consumer products – like shirts that change color in response to heat – are possible because of thermochromic inks.

Likewise, if you’ve ever used a saliva-based diagnostic test to have your DNA sequenced or to test for COVID-19, SpotSee’s hydrochromic dots may have been inside the test tube, changing color to show when there was enough sample for accurate testing. Even product promotions have used hydrochromic dots (rather than scratch off coverings) to reveal prize winners or other text or images. Hydrochromic inks can be reversible or irreversible, changing from a color to colorless when wet.

In the biopharmaceutical world, photochromic dyes sometimes are used in manufacturing biomaterials so they can be controlled by UV light. For consumers, these color-changing inks have been used for eye-popping T-shirts and art that brighten in the light. Clear dyes that are only visible under UV light even have been used to coat fire extinguishers at one state university so fire authorities could identify exactly which students removed them without authorization.

Photochromic dyes can change color permanently, or can change color under UV light but be invisible when that light is removed, allowing unobtrusive applications for multiple purposes.

While the list of applications – both existing as well as new and innovative – could go on and on, the thing the very best have in common is their choice of SpotSee color-change materials. That choice speaks volumes about the quality, reliability and innovation of these products.

SpotSee is a global leader in temperature indicating solutions, providing the color-change materials for products that demand accuracy and reliability. When you need color-change technology that actually makes your products better, you can trust SpotSee to help. Why trust your brand to anyone else?

To learn more about how our color-change materials can enhance your products, contact SpotSee.


Angela Kerr

Angela Kerr

Vice President, Product Management

Angela Kerr has been part of the SpotSee team for over 14 years, having served as a marketing manager, product manager, and director of product management. Currently serving as the Vice President of Product Portfolio, she is responsible for coordinating and managing resources for product launches and defining market opportunities for new product development.

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