SpotSee Acquires Biosynergy, Inc.

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SpotSee Acquires Biosynergy, Inc.

Jan 26, 2022

SpotSee Acquires Biosynergy, Inc.

Acquisition will grow SpotSee’s presence in life sciences industry

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpotSee®, a global leader in condition-indicating solutions that protect life sciences products against damage and ensure supply chain integrity, has finalized its acquisition of the assets of Biosynergy, Inc., a manufacturer of medical devices primarily used to monitor the core temperature of red blood cells.

“This acquisition enables SpotSee to strengthen our mission of reducing damage to products through both the supply and cold chain by adding blood temperature monitoring to our large and growing life science segment,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “The Biosynergy HemoTemp® brand is a market leader in blood bag monitoring that protects patients from receiving blood that has been exposed to excessive temperature. Its targeted focus and reputation of success makes it a great addition to our temperature-indicating solutions.”

Biosynergy’s HemoTemp brand devices are FDA validated and monitor blood bags to irreversibly indicate if the blood’s core temperature has exceeded 10 degrees Celsius. If blood exceeds 10 degrees Celsius, it should not be used in patients, giving medical professionals an accurate tool to ensure blood is kept at the correct temperature. Additionally, the device contains reversible indicators to show medical professionals if the blood temperature is increasing or decreasing. The device is currently used in major hospital systems and blood labs throughout North America. SpotSee plans to grow the product line geographically through its global distribution and reseller network of over 2,000 partners.

Biosynergy’s products will add to SpotSee’s extensive life-sciences portfolio of products used for monitoring the condition of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics, specimens, blood, diagnostics, and medical devices through globally recognized brands such as WarmMark®, ColdMark®, Thermostrip®, ShockWatch® and Briteline® Drug Testing Strips. SpotSee plans to leverage the Biosynergy technology to expand into blood plasma monitoring.

“SpotSee is the ideal owner for the next generation of Biosynergy and its technology,” said Fred Suzuki, CEO, Biosynergy. “Their global sales, marketing and distribution network combined with manufacturing scale will help the HemoTemp® brand protect blood recipients throughout the world.”

To learn more about SpotSee’s temperature-monitoring capabilities, visit:


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