SpotSee Acquires TMC Hallcrest and LCR Hallcrest

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SpotSee Acquires TMC Hallcrest and LCR Hallcrest

Jan 13, 2021

SpotSee Acquires Hallcrest

We are proud to announce that SpotSee® has acquired TMC and LCR Hallcrest, two global leaders in temperature monitoring products and indicators. The combined three businesses gives SpotSee the broadest range of temperature indicators in the industry, complementing our leading global position in Shock and Tilt indication as we continue our mission to help customers Spot and See changing conditions in their supply chain, operations, and products.

See our press release below and on Business Wire.

“SpotSee®, a global leader in supply chain condition monitoring through its ShockLog®, ShockWatch®, ShockWatch® RFID, TiltWatch® and WarmMark® brands and connectivity solutions, announced today that it has acquired TMC Hallcrest and LCR Hallcrest, two global leaders in temperature monitoring products and indicators.

“We are thrilled to welcome TMC and LCR Hallcrest to the SpotSee team,” said Tony Fonk, CEO and president, SpotSee. “The Hallcrest companies are global leaders in temperature indicating solutions used for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, industrial and consumer applications. Combining our product portfolios and technologies makes SpotSee the clear global leader in condition indicating devices.”

TMC and LCR Hallcrest develop and manufacture color changing temperature products, thermal labels and thermometer strips. With a focus on monitoring and reporting temperature excursions, TMC and LCR Hallcrest’s purpose aligns with SpotSee’s strategy to grow its temperature portfolio and expand into new markets. Like SpotSee, TMC and LCR Hallcrest products are used for a wide range of applications, from monitoring medical devices to food logistics and transportation.

“We are excited for this partnership and the opportunity to grow into the condition-monitoring space with an industry-leading company,” said Russell Booth, Managing Director of TMC and LCR Hallcrest UK. “While our individual businesses each have established expertise, our integration means the potential for new ideas, new developments and even better products.”

The combined business will have operations in the United Kingdom, Glenview, Illinois, Graham, Texas, and Chihuahua City, Mexico and will be headquartered in Dallas, Texas.”

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