SpotSee CEO Appointed to Board of Directors for AIM

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SpotSee CEO Appointed to Board of Directors for AIM

Jan 19, 2021

CEO and president, Tony Fonk, has been appointed to the board of directors of AIM, an association for the automatic identification industry.

“It is an honor to help advance and define the changing world of IoT in real-world business conditions,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “AIM is a great association where industry leaders collaborate to advance industry standards and adoption. We are proud that SpotSee has been chosen to participate alongside our industry peers.”

AIM, short for Advancing Identification Matters, is a leading industry association that focuses on automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies. The organization, which has been around for nearly 50 years, actively supports the AIDC industry through work with other groups as well as participation at the industry, national and international levels.

As a board member, Fonk will help manage and develop strategy, policies and procedures for the association. He will also continue to support the organization’s mission, vision and values as an ambassador by recruiting new members, mentoring current members and encouraging improvements. He will serve a two-year term on the board of directors.

Fonk has more than 17 years of experience in developing product, service and channel strategies. His growth throughout his career, from executive to leader, manager and now CEO, aligns with the growth he has helped facilitate across multiple companies and organizations. In his current role at SpotSee, Fonk not only directs the management team, but supports each member of the company and encourages new ideas.

Before starting at SpotSee in 2015, Fonk held leadership positions at companies such as Stock Building Supply (Now BMC Holdings), Ingersoll Rand and Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

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