SpotSee Launches New Temperature Indicator, FreezeSafe

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SpotSee Launches New Temperature Indicator, FreezeSafe

Apr 26, 2022

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpotSee®, a global leader in supply chain temperature indicators that protect life sciences products against damage and ensure supply chain integrity, has launched FreezeSafe, a new low-cost temperature indicator that displays precise evidence if a product has experienced unacceptably low temperatures.

“Over 68 million vaccines are shipped annually that are freeze sensitive,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “About 20% of those vaccines are accidentally frozen during transport or in storage. Our new FreezeSafe indicator is a cost-effective tool to ensure that patients receive effective vaccines that have not been damaged due to freezing.”

Knowing a product’s temperature is being maintained from beginning to end is essential to the cold chain, making FreezeSafe a valuable addition to SpotSee’s temperature product line. FreezeSafe was designed specifically to monitor for lower-than-acceptable temperatures. Pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive items have specific temperature ranges that, when breached, can cause safety and efficacy to diminish. Leveraging color-changing technology, the indicator provides a visual indication of a temperature deviation in a flexible label format. When the temperature falls below the indicator threshold, the indicator turns from clear to magenta.

Requiring only a quick visual check, FreezeSafe is easy to read and ready to use. In addition, the indicator comes in two different temperature thresholds, 0°C and 2°C. The easy-to-implement device can be added to every shipment or mounted directly onto a product.

To learn more about SpotSee’s temperature indicators and distributors, visit:

About SpotSee

A global leader in condition-indicating solutions, SpotSee helps customers spot and see changing conditions to protect life sciences and ensure supply chain integrity. SpotSee provides connected, visual, mechanical, and chemical solutions that enable over 4,500 customers and partners in 62 countries to detect changes in the condition of everything from vaccines to spaceships as they travel through global supply chains. SpotSee’s solutions include temperature, impact, tilt, vibration, humidity, and liquid detection monitoring devices, available via visual, RFID, QR Code, BLE, cellular or satellite connection. Its products such as WarmMark, ColdMark, ThermoStrip, BriteLine, ShockWatch and TiltWatch are widely used in the life sciences, energy, transportation, aerospace, defense, food, manufacturing, and consumer products sectors. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX and operates 6 manufacturing facilities in Texas, Illinois, Mexico and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit


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