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Winter is Coming – Manage Your Home Heating with Color Change Thermometers

Oct 28, 2022

Energy prices are inching up globally, and meteorologists are predicting bitterly cold temperatures east of the Rocky Mountains and more snowfall than usual in the Alps. People who are hoping to stay warm without breaking the bank are looking for better thermal controlling strategies than they’ve used in the past.

Increasing temperature awareness beyond a feeling of comfort or discomfort is one strategy. SpotSee’s color-change Digi-Temp and Digi-Temp EZ liquid crystal thermometers make the actual temperature obvious. These easy-to-read temperature strips can be placed where they’re most likely to be seen – often, that’s near the center of the room, far from the thermostat. If the temperature is above or below your acceptable range, you can see this at a glance.

Programmable and Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats have added a great deal more temperature control, but they’re not infallible. When your thermostat reads 68, and you’re still bundling up, the controller may not be accurate. A continuous-read Digi-Temp® or Digi-Temp EZ thermometer positioned alongside the thermostat provides the data that may suggest it’s time to clean the furnace filter or call your HVAC professional for a tune-up.

Zoned heating systems typically use thermostats to control the temperature in multiple rooms, and the location of the thermostat isn’t necessarily in the room being used. Placing a color-change thermometer in both rooms, therefore, helps you attain the desired temperature in the room that’s in use, often by adjusting the vents.

Getting more accurate room temperature readings is an important strategy in balancing comfort against heating bills. Placing an easy-to-read, color-change thermometer in the center of the room can provide a more accurate reading of the actual room temperature than a thermometer mounted to a wall. That’s because external factors like sunlight, shadows, drafts, wall insulation, and placement of heating vents may affect the thermostat reading, but are more likely to be equalized in the middle of the room. Knowing the actual temperature of the room, therefore, helps you better manage your home’s heating usage.

SpotSee has a variety of temperature sensors, including the liquid crystal display technology developed by Hallcrest, a SpotSee company and used in the Digi-Temp® and Digi-Temp EZ thermometers.

Contact SpotSee to learn how color-change thermometers can help your customers manage their heating systems better and contain heating costs during what is expected to be a cold, snowy winter.

Angela Kerr

Angela Kerr

Vice President, Product Management

Angela Kerr has been part of the SpotSee team for over 14 years, having served as a marketing manager, product manager, and director of product management. Currently serving as the Vice President of Product Portfolio, she is responsible for coordinating and managing resources for product launches and defining market opportunities for new product development.