• The indicator turns green when the fridge is cold enough
  • Used by many of the world’s leading fridge manufacturers
  • Accurate to 0.5°C
  • Easy to read; the indicator will turn green at its activation temperature highlighting the word OK
  • Harmful bacteria multiply rapidly at temperatures above 0.5°C
  • Allows you to meet Food Safety Requirements and HACCP Guidelines


OK Indicator

This well-established fridge temperature indicator is constructed using specialist single color liquid crystal, and was specifically developed to meet the European requirements for storing chilled food within refrigerators. Easy to read and accurate, the indicator turns green at its temperature rating, highlighting the work ‘OK’.

The thermometer is normally used in conjunction with a molded plastic carrier to enable the label to maintain its visual indication when the fridge door has been opened. To meet guidelines, the word ‘OK’ should remain visible for at least 30 seconds once the fridge is opened, to remove any ambient temperature influences. This will also allow a far more accurate temperature reading to be made.

Also available without the white plastic carrier, the self-adhesive liquid crystal ‘OK’ indicators are supplied on sheets for easy removal.

Instructions for use

  • Place the thermometer in the lower coldest part of the fridge, not in the door
  • Read it immediately on opening the fridge first thing in the morning
  • If the ‘OK’ symbol is visible, then the OK Fridge Temp liquid crystal is correctly at or below its activation temperature

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