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Time – Temperature Indicators

Compare Features
Threshold TempTriggerTemp "Alarm" LevelsTime Marks Serialization
-18°C / 0°F
0°C / 32°F
5°C / 41°F
8°C / 46°F
10°C / 50°F
20°C / 68°F
25°C / 77°F
26°C / 79°F
30°C / 86°F
37°C / 99°F
Above thresholdSingle temperature1-3-12 hours
2-12-48 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
2-12-48 / 8 / 12 hours
2-12-48 hours
2-12-48 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
Yes - coming soon
-20°C to 60°CUser sets temperature, humidity, shock and location triggers.User can set alarm levels, and receive notifications15 minutes to 24 hours (programmable)Yes - Includes Cellular & WiFi Connectivity and GPS Location
2-8°C / 36-46°F
0-8°C / 32-46°F
2-25°C / 36-77°F
0-25°C / 32-77°F
Above or Below ThresholdFreeze Indicator/Warm Indicator1-3-12 hours
2-12-48 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
2-12-48 / 8 / 12 hours
2-12-48 hours
2-12-48 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
0.5-2-8 hours
Yes - coming soon
-3°C - 27°F / 0°C - 32°F / 2°C - 36°F / 5°C - 41°FBelow ThresholdSingle Temperature < 60 min and < 90 minYes
-3°C / 26°F
0°C / 32°F
2°C / 36°F
5°C / 41°F
10°C / 50°F
Below thresholdSingle temperature< 30 minutes No
10°C / 50°F
34°C / 93°F
Above thresholdDual temperature3-8-14 days
30 minutes
Yes - coming soon
10°C / 50°F
31°C / 88°F
Above thresholdSingle temperature12 hours
30 hours
60 hours
110 hours
168 hours
8°C / 46° F
25°C / 77°F
Above thresholdSingle Temperature2 hoursNo

Custom Temperature Indicators

Compare FeaturesRangeSolutionsEvents DescriptionColor Change
Custom Temperature ++-22° to 554°F

UV Light

Master Batch
Single or Multiple

Reversible and / or Irreversible

Temperature Recorders
Process Indicators
Safety Alerts For
- Temperature Monitoring
- Proof of Attained Temp
- Disinfection Confirmation.
- UV Exposure
- H2O Alerts
Digital or Analog
Color to Color
Clear to Color
Gradient Color Change

Temperature Indicator Labels

Compare FeaturesRangeSizesEventsDescriptionColor Change
25° to 290°CEight Various1 - 10 per labelIrreversible Temperature Indicators Oil & Water Resistant Silver to Black
25° to 300°C20 x 55 mm11 per labelIrreversible Temperature IndicatorsWhite to Black

Thermostrip DL
60° to 180°COne size ½” x 1 3/4”1 or 3 per labelIrreversible Temperature Indicators for Dishware in Dishwashing Machines Silver to Black

Thermal Disinfection Indicator (TDI)
65° to 93°C43mm x 14mm 1 or 3 eventsGives permanent record of sterilization temperatures achievedWhite to Black
180 to 190°F1/2"x 1 3/4"2 per labelIrreversible Temperature Indicating Label for Medical Instrument Disinfection Silver to Black
37° to 290°C8 Sets- 2/5”x 2 2/5”5 Per LabelIrreversible Drying & Curing Temperature Indicators for Dry ApplicationsWhite to Black
104° to 182°C83 x 6mm1 per labelRecords highest bracketed temperature reached by the label, permanentlyLight gray to black
54°COne 9.25mm (.37") dia.1 per labelIrreversible Temperature Monitor Alerts to Circuit Breaker Temperature ExcursionSilver to Black
160°C ½" to 1 3/4"1 per labelIrreversible Temperature Indicating Label for Dishwasher in Dishwashing Machines with QR CodeSilver to Black
71° to 82°C4" x .05"1 per stripIrreversible Water Temperature Indicator Strip for Dishwashing MachinesBlue Black to Orange
-4° to 50°F1/2"x 1 3/4"1 per deviceProof that high temperature was maintained. Device for alerts to low temperature exposure Clear to Red

Healthcare and Life Science

Compare FeaturesRange TypicallyAccuracyClassificationShelf LifeConfigurations
95ºF to 104ºF
35ºC to 40ºC
FDA Class II Medical Device2 yearsStandard or Customizable
Compare FeaturesRange TypicallyPackagingDescriptionColor
121ºC to 134ºCReels of 750 labelsGives a clear, irreversible color change allowing processed and unprocessed items to be identified.White to brown
Compare FeaturesRangeSizePackagingDescriptionColor
90° to 100°F1.5”x0.4”6 per labelDigital Urine Specimen Verification adhesive backed Thermometer for Automated ApplicationsOrange Yellow, Green & Blue sequence with Green the Actual Temperature
88° to 102°F1.5” x .3125”6 per labelDigital Urine Specimen Verification adhesive backed ThermometerOrange Yellow, Green & Blue sequence with Green the Actual Temperature
89° to 101°F2.152” x 0.5”6 per labelAnalog Urine Specimen Verification adhesive backed Thermometer Analog scale with moving line indicator

Blood Bag Indicators

Compare FeaturesRangeSizesEventsDescriptionColor Change
Reversible: 33.8°F - 48.2°F
Irreversible: 42.8°F - 50°F
2.25 x 1.25Reversible: 3
Irreversible: 1
Temperature indicator for blood bagsRed to Green to Blue; Blue to Gray to Brown

Thermometers Labels

Compare FeaturesRangeSizesEventsDescriptionColor Change
-30° to 90°CFour Various7-16 per labelReversible Thermometer
With Continuous Display Adhesive Backed
Black to Red with last Red event the actual temperature
-22° to 120°CSeven Various7-16 per labelReversible Thermometer
With Continuous Display Adhesive Backed
Orange Yellow, Green & Blue sequence with Green the Actual Temperature

Temperature Recorders

Compare FeaturesThreshold TempTriggerTemp "Alarm" LevelsTime MarksSerialization

<2C and 8C>Immediate2 alarms fixed <2C and 8C>N/AYes
User DefinedImmediateHigh & Low Alarm AvailableN/AYes

Food Handling and Safety

Compare FeaturesTemperatureSizesEventsDescriptionColor Change
0° to 145°FTwelve VariousOne per labelReversible Indicator, Alerts to a Temperature ExcursionBlack to Red
160°F5/8” x 2 3/4”Single eventChecks that food is reheated to a safe temperature White to Black
39.2°F to 41°F1.2"x1.2"Single eventMonitors the cold air and food temperature in deli/cheese cabinets, meat counters, and chilled food cabinets within commercial food outlets.Black to Red
41°F - 45.5°F0.94" diameter Single eventAn easy to use fridge thermometer that lights up with the word "OK" when the fridge is below the correct temperature.Black to Green

High Temperature Permanent Color Change Ink

Compare Features RangeSizeTypeEventsColor Change
60 to 200°CKGWater Based Screen & Flexo Ink / Pigment 18 AvailablePermanent & Gradual White to Color Ink Change

Standard White to Magenta & White to Black

Custom Available
60 to 170°CTrial Sizes
Ready to Use
Water Based Flexo Ink 5 AvailablePermanent Color Change Ink White to Color

Standard: White to Magenta
120 to 600°CN/AChecks surface temperature1 per boxLight grey - violet blue

Orange - black - grey - white

Liquid Crystal Materials

Compare Features RangeSizesEventsDescriptionColor Change
32° to 35°CGallon One Event
32° to 35°C
Liquid Crystal Coating that changes color with changes in surface temperatureBlack changes to the visible spectrum when heated
20° to 57°COne
12” X 12 “
One Event Per SheetReady to use polyester sheets coated with liquid crystal or without adhesive Black changes to the visible spectrum when heated
25°C to 30°C50’ Rolls Slit to Size or Sheeted One Event Per SheetReady to use vinyl material coated with liquid crystal adhesive backedBlack changes to the visible spectrum when touched
-10°to 69°CCustomPigment Powder
Activated 15 °C

Activated 31°C

High Temp.
Activated 47°C
Clear to Color

Color to Clear

High Temp
Color to clear

Research & Testing Kits

Compare Features ProductsSizes ApplicationsDescriptionColor Change
Cholesteric, Chiral Nematic & Chiral/Cholesteric Combinations

Various binders and sealers
Made to Order

Minimum 100g
Thermal Mapping

Flow visualization studies

Heat Transfer Studies

Non Destructive Studies
Liquid Crystal Coating that changes color with changes in surface temperatureBlack changes to the visible spectrum when heated

Read More About Data Temperature Logger


In simple terms, a data temperature logger is a portable instrument designed to be able to the sense and record temperature in both indoor and outdoor environments. They are used in a wide range of ways but it is in the supply chain where they are most found and where they serve a bigger function.


To serve their purpose, temperature monitors consist of two main parts – the temperature sensor (or sensors), and the recording system. The recording system picks the temperature measured at preset intervals and saves the measurements.

The design of the internal sensor and data logger is dependent on the model, however, for most in-transit purposes, the data temperature logger has both the sensor and the data recorder integrated to make one device that is both compact and light in weight.

The use of a temperature logger provides a record complete with time stamps of the various conditions the products have been exposed to. While it helps the recipient of the good to certify that the goods were maintained in required conditions, it also helps identify any inconsistencies. This is especially true in the case of storage facilities. On the part of the transporter, a data temperature logger acts as evidence in case of any claims of mishandling arising.

The one downside to this type of logger is that at the end of the shipment or journey, the data must be retrieved. An analyst can connect the monitor to a PC and download the data with a USB. More advanced models allow the use of a wireless network to transmit the measurements, which eliminates the need to obtain data from the field directly.

Single-use temperature monitors are another option in the supply chain cycle that are efficient and simple to use. These are strips or simple attachments designed to indicate when a temperature has gone above or below a certain point. Some models can also indicate the time range outside of the ideal temperature.


A number of industries require that their products be kept within set temperatures. These products include food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, blood for medical purposes, and floral products. Exposure to temperatures outside the required range for long periods can damage the products, reduce their shelf life, and even cause the development of toxins and pathogens.

During pasteurization and food canning, for example, the foods must attain required high temperatures over a prolonged period to avoid deadly Clostridium botulinum, the toxin responsible for botulism. During storage and movement, especially when shipped, processors mostly require cool environments or even refrigeration.

Grocery stores and restaurants now require that the foods they order, especially foods like raw meats and fish, come equipped with temperature indicators. When the delivery truck pulls in, someone from the store physically inspects the indicators to ensure that the product did not fall outside required temperature ranges for food safety. If foods stay too long outside of the safe temperature zone, bacteria growth and spoilage occurs. Should a shipment not meet the requirements, most contracts allow for refusal of the shipment which is a loss to the processors and manufacturers.

Within grocery stores and restaurants, the same food safety temperature holding conditions apply. So, they can use temperature indicator strips in deli cases, on buffets, and in refrigerators to ensure equipment is working properly to keep foods hot or cold. The more a facility can show they have multiple layers of protection in their food safety program, the better protected they will be should an outbreak occur.

Medical supplies need cold temperatures for their storage throughout their life cycles as well. Blood, transplant organs, certain medications, tissue samples, and a wide variety of other medical products have extremely strict temperature control regulations.

Paintings and sculptures are also products that are sensitive to the temperatures in their environment as both humid and hot temperatures easily affect them. Warmer temperatures can cause flaking, bubbles, melting, and warping while colder temperatures can result in cracks.


As an industry leader in the manufacturing of data loggers, chief among them temperature indicators, SpotSee understands the various needs of the market. As such, we have a range of top products to suit different clients. Here is an overview:

1. WarmMark Duo

The ShockWatch WarmMark Duo is an affordable temperature indicator ideal for monitoring temperature during shipping and storage. Its main feature is the dual time and temperature indicator. This allows it to indicate the duration at which a product was exposed to different temperature activation levels. It is also disposable and can monitor temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius and briefly those above 34 degrees Celsius.

2. WarmMark

The WarmMark is a single use indicator which monitors the temperature in ascending levels. This way it alerts the user whenever the product exposure goes beyond the threshold conditions. It is available in nine different temperature sensitivity levels to select the one that best suits your purpose. This aspect allows it to be suitable for both low and high-temperature threshold needs. It serves a range of industries from floral to pharmaceutical to food processing and delivery.

3. Blood Temp 10

As the name suggests, the Blood Temp 10 temperature logger is made specifically for use in blood storage and transportation. It meets all FDA and AABB requirements and does not need any special handling. It is cost effective and easy to interpret with an irreversible alarm system.

4. ColdMark

ColdMark is also a single use temperature indicator specifically designed for cold chain use. It alerts users when the temperature goes below a set threshold by turning violet from its initial clear color.

5. LOG-IC Temperature Recorder

This is a reliable and low-cost temperature logger that also serves cold chain needs. Besides alerting users when the shipment has been exposed to temperatures beyond a set value, they also contain wireless capability for faster transmission of data.

Take the time to learn more about SpotSee, temperature sensors, and the full range of monitoring and impact products we create to provide the data and reliability you need. Our products range from tilt indicators like the TiltWatch® XTR to a handful of shock sensors to fulfill any impact monitoring needs!

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