Minimize Food Waste and Maximize Cold Chain Efficiency With SpotSee

Understand the cold chain challenges that cause food waste and how SpotSee cold chain monitoring solutions can help. Key Takeaways: Food waste and inefficient cold…

Understand the cold chain challenges that cause food waste and how SpotSee cold chain monitoring solutions can help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food waste and inefficient cold chains are costly problems
  • Food waste is a global issue
  • monitoring of cold chains can drastically reduce food waste and improve efficiency
  • SpotSee offers full-range monitoring cold chain solutions

Do you want to keep food safe and drastically reduce waste when you ship? Then, you must treat your cold chain like an actual chain. If there are broken links along the way, then it’s almost inevitable you will end up with food waste. So why is having a solid cold chain crucial to reducing food waste? 

Properly transporting food ensures it arrives preserved. This reduces the chance of spoilage and helps with environmental sustainability. It also increases the efficiency of your cold chain and results in financial savings. 

Losing Money and Wasting Food 

When shipping food, cold chains are susceptible to common problems that lead to loss of food and money. These issues include:

  • Lack of temperature control
  • Inadequate insulation 
  • Ineffective supply chain management
  • Improper food storage and transportation training
  • Absence of temperature monitoring
  • No global standardization in cold chain practices
  • High costs of energy to properly maintain a cold chain
  • Overloading your cold chain capacity
  • Regions with limited access to cold chain infrastructure

The Proof is in the Stats, Not in the Pudding

Statistics show that food waste is a major problem with cold chains. According to a report by the United Nations Center for Regional Development, significant food is lost from post-harvest to distribution. In Central and Southern Asia, for instance, there’s a 20% loss even before it reaches the retail level. The research journal Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems points out that each year the amount of food wasted could feed 1.26 billion people. The cause of this waste is attributed largely to inefficient management of cold chains. 

Reducing Food Waste and Increasing Efficiency Helps Your Wallet and the Planet

If you want to improve your profits drastically, you need to tackle food waste and cold chain inefficiency. Addressing these factors improves your business and the planet. Here are some ways how:

  • By keeping food waste to a minimum, your business will save on transportation and storage costs
  • When you reduce food waste in your cold chain, you also help conserve natural resources
  • Investing in more energy-efficient storage and transportation methods reduces your carbon footprint
  • Improving your cold chain efficiency can lead to more sustainable agriculture by cutting food waste, saving money, and benefiting the environment.

Having an Effective Cold Chain Has Helped Reduce Food Waste

According to the United Nations (UN), some countries have successfully reduced food waste with effective cold chains. Here are the results of these efforts:

  • In Nigeria, cold chains prevented the spoilage of 42,024 tons of food
  • In India, a cold chain pilot project developed by the National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD) reduced food losses in its fruit supply by 76%

Better Cold Chain Monitoring is the Key

You can’t fix an issue that you don’t know about. Cold chain monitoring is key to minimizing food waste and improving efficiency. It will enable you to streamline the process from shipping to storage. That way, if there is an issue, you can respond and resolve it quickly. Temperature monitoring will save costs and reduce the impact on the planet.

Reduce Food Waste and Improve Cold Chain Efficiency With SpotSee

So, if you want to reduce food waste and improve your cold chain, look no further than SpotSee. SpotSee offers several monitoring solutions to fit your needs. 

Full Cold-Chain Monitoring With SpotSee

SpotSee offers a full gamut of monitoring solutions to help you watch your cold chain every step of the way. Here are some solutions SpotSee offers:

  • Spotbot® 4G Plus lets you connect with your supply chain through SpotSee Cloud. It monitors temperature, humidity, tri-axial impact, and location tracking, so you can track food shipments in real time.
  • Single-use temperature indicators, such as ColdChain Complete, simply affix to your packages using an adhesive backing. Easy-to-read visual indicators make monitoring temperatures a breeze along your transportation route.  
  •  MaxiLog Alert combines robust temperature monitoring with simple data retrieval via built-in USB.

With these solutions, you can easily identify temperature changes and respond quickly if there is an issue on the cold chain.

Making the Most of SpotSee Monitoring Solutions

Using a combination of SpotSee products provides flexibility and optimal results. For long hauls, you may need the sophistication of Spotbot 4G Plus and the simplicity of ColdChain Complete

For best practices, you should place your SpotSee monitoring solution as close as possible to the foods you’re monitoring.

Go with SpotSee to Improve Your Cold Chain

If you’re serious about minimizing food waste and want to make your cold chain more efficient, go with SpotSee. SpotSee’s monitoring solutions will boost your food logistics. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.