SpotSee Pursues Legal Action After Counterfeit Raid in Taiwan

SpotSee Pursues Legal Action After Counterfeit Raid in Taiwan

Jan 23, 2018

SpotSee, a global internet of things (IoT) connectivity platform and parent company to leading logistics monitoring brands ShockWatch®, SpotBot, ShockLog® OpsWatch, ShockLog Satellite and WarmMark®, orchestrated a raid of suspected ShockWatch product counterfeiters in Taiwan on October 26, 2017.

The goods seized, primarily ShockWatch counterfeit products, infringe on trademarks and patents and are considered fraudulent. Counterfeit and knock-off materials, which do not perform to SpotSee specifications, have been found to cause false activations and increased damage claims for customers.

“We take the illegal use of our intellectual property very seriously, and we take swift action to stop the unauthorized use of our name, designs and trademarks,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “It’s important we stop this fraud because it directly costs our customers money.”

Both manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit SpotSee products will be held accountable as SpotSee actively works to put an end to all activities involving the illegal use of its brand. The penalties for counterfeiting can be up to five years of imprisonment and/or a fine of NT $2,000,000 (approximately USD $66,666).

To further address the counterfeit issue, SpotSee has designed authentication methods such as serialization and QR codes into their newest line of indicators known as the ShockWatch

“The ShockDot allows customers to validate that they purchased a genuine product in addition to other benefits such as 50 percent more indication area and 360-degree activation,” said Angela Kerr, vice president of product management, SpotSee. “We are taking a legal and an innovative, product-based approach to solving this problem.”

ShockWatch indicators, manufactured by SpotSee, show when a product or asset has been mishandled in the supply chain. Incorrect activation can misrepresent that a package or shipment has been mishandled, when it may not have been. Alternatively, the counterfeit or knock-off indicators may not go off at all when mishandling actually occurs.

SpotSee customers who are concerned they may be victims of counterfeit products should contact SpotSee at +1 214-736-4578.

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