SpotSee Opens New Latin America Office

SpotSee Opens New Latin America Office

Jan 15, 2018

SpotSee, a global leader in shock and vibration monitoring through low-cost connectivity and data, and parent to established brands such as ShockWatch®, SpotBot, ShockLog® and OpsWatch, has announced the opening of a brand new office in Sorocabo, located just outside of São Paulo, Brazil. The office was opened to better serve SpotSee’s clients who have operations in Latin America.

Central and South America are important regions for us,” said Tony Fonk, president and CEO, SpotSee. “With an office dedicated to serving these regions, SpotSee can provide specialized support to clients who have operations across the Americas. It’s one more example of our focus and dedication to customers in the markets and languages where we do business.” 

The Brazil office will aim to provide a better overall experience to SpotSee customers and users in Latin America. With a permanent presence in South America, SpotSee strengthens its global presence and positions itself as a partner for global customers who operate in this region.

The office is located at Rua Vidal de Negreiros, nº 108, Sala 17, Vila Assis, 18025-160 Sorocoba – SP and is dedicated to providing sales and technical support to Latin America. Roberto Pinheiro will be in charge of the new facility as Central and South America General Manager, giving the new facility an experienced leader from the beginning.

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