SpotSee Adds Greg Treanor to Team as New EMEA/APAC Sales Director

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SpotSee Adds Greg Treanor to Team as New EMEA/APAC Sales Director

Sep 15, 2021 | Blog

SpotSee has announced Greg Treanor as the company’s new Sales Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

Treanor will be responsible for the implementation of the SpotSee strategy to expand business in high opportunity segments such as Life Sciences, Automotive and Power Generation. He will recruit and train new distributors and resellers for the company’s complete product line. Additionally, he will actively pursue and close new business opportunities and establish sales objectives.

“Treanor’s breadth of experience not only in similar markets but in similar roles makes him a great fit for this opportunity and for the SpotSee team,” said Tony Fonk, president and CEO, SpotSee. “We are confident that his skillset aligns with our goal to continue the global expansion of our business.”

Treanor brings over 15 years of experience in business development and product management, focused in the technology sector. He blends his business expertise with his people-oriented attitude to achieve success in both domestic and international markets. Over the course of his career, Treanor has been able to successfully add new channel partners to build a sustainable, profitable business in new markets, increase core revenue growth, drive new platform adoption, execute product launches and more.

“SpotSee has such an established brand and set of product lines within the industries it serves as well as several global markets,” said Treanor. “I look forward to working alongside the team and implementing a long-term expansion strategy.”

Treanor’s career started at New York-based real estate company, The Related Companies, as a project engineer. Following roles included technical trainer and technical support engineer. He moved to Domino Printing Sciences, where he worked his way up through several roles and was responsible for overseeing product launches, ensuring effective development and communication, creating and adopting product messaging, and implementing business plans. Before starting at SpotSee, he worked at Linx Printing Technologies, a Danaher Group company, where he was responsible for growing the company’s channel partners, developing product strategies and driving revenue.

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