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SpotSee Hires Reuben Isbitsky as Temperature Business Director

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog

SpotSee has appointed Reuben Isbitsky as the company’s Temperature Business Director. Isbitsky will lead SpotSee’s new Temperature Solutions Group, which will bring customized solutions to customers’ temperature problems, with a focus on Life Sciences Applications, the company’s largest market segment. His responsibilities will include product development, application engineering and growing the temperature product lines.

“Reuben has been very successful with the conception and implementation of temperature-related products, particularly in Life Science, for many global brands,” said Tony Fonk, president and CEO, SpotSee. “We are excited to combine his unique experience and passion with SpotSee technologies, particularly with our recent acquisitions of TMC and LCR Hallcrest.”

Isbitsky co-founded and served for 16 years, until 2018, as CEO of Timestrip, a SpotSee competitor based in the United Kingdom. During his nearly 30-year career, he has specialized in global marketing and sales of advanced Life Sciences technologies. He has successfully brought several new technologies, products and brands to market.

“The prospect of driving the efforts of a company like SpotSee, with the kind of leadership and innovation it has shown in temperature monitoring, is quite exciting to me,” said Isbitsky. “I am really looking forward to joining this team.”

Isbitsky began his career in marketing, focusing on product and project management, and leading several global product launches at Clorox, Brita and SodaStream. Timestrip, the company he co-founded in 2002, is a leader in time-temperature indicators used in pharmaceuticals, blood bags and other applications.

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