Reduce Shipping Damage with ShockWatch RFID [VIDEO]

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Reduce Shipping Damage with ShockWatch RFID [VIDEO]

Feb 16, 2021 | Blog

The shipping industry sees $2.3 trillion in shipping damage every year due to mishandling during transport. A bump in the road can cause big problems in your supply chain.

Introducing ShockWatch RFID, a passive RFID enabled impact indicator that replaces your current RFID tag. The tags are peel and stick, tamper-proof, and can be read by any standard UHF RFID reader.

Individual asset condition is automatically entered into your warehouse management system when the tag is scanned. If the asset was dropped or mishandled, it will be flagged in your system. Shockwatch RFID allows operations to quickly deter, detect, and diagnose supply chain damage.

Take control of your inventory with the ShockWatch RFID tag from SpotSee and reduce your supply chain damage by up to 60%.

Head to to learn more.

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