ShockDot: A New, Better Impact Indicator

ShockDot: A New, Better Impact Indicator

Oct 3, 2016


Dallas – MRI/ShockWatch, a provider of impact, temperature, and tilt monitors and indicators, has introduced the ShockDot single-use impact indicator.  “Shippers have used ShockWatch Labels for years to alert them to impacts that could damage their products,” Tony Fonk, CEO, says. “The new ShockDot builds on that heritage with improved features, lower costs, and the same great reliability.”

ShockDot, like ShockWatch Labels, changes color to indicate impacts occurring at a range of thresholds between 25G and 100Gs. With ShockDot, however, the indicator window is larger, making changes even easier to see. That means products that may have been damaged in transit are more visible, making them more likely to be inspected before they are installed or shipped to customers.

“Furthering our commitment to quality and transparency, ShockDot is the first ShockWatch product to incorporate a QR code on the front,” Fonk says. “The QR code lets users verify and claim the serial number on the ShockDot label, thus ensuring they are using only genuine ShockWatch products.”

The new ShockDot single-use impact indicator is an important tool in supply chain risk management, alerting shippers to potentially damaging impacts. To learn how ShockDot can support your risk mitigation program, contact us at

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