An Insider’s Look into the Launch of SpotSee

An Insider’s Look into the Launch of SpotSee

Aug 1, 2017

The vision for SpotSee began nearly three years ago – sparked by the demand for connectivity in global logistics. The mission is to evolve ShockWatch and the ShockLog brands to meet this growing customer need. With more than 40 years of experience helping customers monitor damage in global shipments; providing connectivity to enable real-time visibility was a logical next step. The realization of this vision was a global IoT and connectivity platform that combines leading brands ShockWatch, ShockLog, ShockTrak, WarmMark and OpsWatch to create a tracking network that helps customers Spot damage to their assets and See it in real time. 

The Vision Behind the Name

SpotSee replaces the umbrella company name MRI Companies to a more meaningful, branded company name that better explains what we do. The MRI Companies used to consist of three companies: ShockWatch, DataSpan and a forklift monitoring company. Over the last decade, we have divested (sold) the DataSpan and forklift monitoring businesses and acquired WarmMark, ColdMark, ShockLog and Diffrenet brands, re-investing our resources to help our customers Spot damage in their operations and See it in real time.

Through the acquisitions of new brands and services such as WarmMark, ColdMark and Diffrenet, we came to the conclusion that an umbrella name of ShockWatch does not fully capture all that we do. Our mission is to connect our products and services…from indicators to devices, and we needed a name that reflects that.

We engaged team members from accounting to human resources in the process of renaming the established 40-year-old business. The team filled whiteboards, notebooks and emails with names that could represent the new direction. In the end, SpotSee won out. The new name perfectly embodied the vision of the company.

A Connected Future

SpotSee merges market-leading devices that sense shock, vibration, tilt, temperature and humidity with a unique communications technology and world-class analytics, alerting customers of potential damage in their operation or logistics network. Within the SpotSee Cloudcustomers can utilize histograms, maps, directional impact analysis and time studies of incidents involving their assets or packages to pinpoint where and when damage may have occurred.

“Our push to incorporate the IoT was simply the act of aligning our customers’ connected expectations with our great measurement and monitoring tools. The transformation helps customers make better decisions with higher probabilities of success through their data and experience over time. At the end of the day, our mission is to give unbiased, virtual eyes to operations, maintenance, quality, logistics and supply chain managers around the globe,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee.

View all the SpotSee product portfolio.

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