ShockLog Satellite™ Brings IoT Visibility to Shipping

ShockLog Satellite™ Brings IoT Visibility to Shipping

Jan 5, 2016


DALLAS – ShockWatch, a leader in logistics monitoring, has released ShockLog Satellite to bring the visibility and immediacy of the Internet of Things (IoT) to companies shipping products around the globe.

Knowing when problems occur is the first step toward fixing them. ShockLog Satellite provides location information in four-hour intervals and generates real time alerts when cargo experiences an impact that exceeds the shippers’ thresholds. If a shipment is delayed or the safety parameters are exceeded, logistics professionals are alerted.

“With ShockLog Satellite, companies do not have to wait weeks to learn whether something went wrong,” said Tyson Stuelpe, Vice President of Global Marketing and North America Sales.  “ShockLog Satellite alerts them so they can remedy the situation before damage escalates.”

ShockLog Satellite merges the industry leading performance of ShockWatch’s premium data recorder, the ShockLog 298, with GPS technology and the Globalstar LEO satellite network to make product status information available virtually anywhere in the world. This data monitor records up to 108 events in a 90-day period and it can be customized to register up to 870 events during shorter transit periods.

“Ease of use was a key design element in the creation of the ShockLog Satellite product,” said Product Manager Bill Johel. “Customers select a configuration that matches their requirements, position the unit with magnetic mounts, and start the monitoring.  At the end of a trip, if the event data requires more detailed analysis, the ShockLog optional desktop software makes it easy to obtain post journey analytics.  With ShockLog Satellite, users gain deep visibility into conditions of routes and carriers.  These insights will allow shippers to take steps to protect future shipments.”

ShockLog Satellite real-time monitoring can help you improve your shipping environment, contact us or visit to learn how.

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